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 TG Nightclubs from all over

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PostSubject: TG Nightclubs from all over   TG Nightclubs from all over EmptyMon Feb 23, 2009 9:09 pm

OK, there was this really wonderful thread started over at the original WildSide board on Alt about where TGirls from all over are getting out and strutting their stuff. I thought the info was just too good to not share, so I figured I'd steal some posts and put them up here to give people an idea of what's out there for us girls. So here ya go...

-- "I live near Charlotte NC and I have been out to a club called Scorpios."

-- "Los Angeles, the Oxwood Inn North Hollywood"

-- "Toronto Canada, there a few places here in Toronto go, Goodhandys for one has alot happening"

-- "You know what's so much fun when the weather is nice ...Going into NYC on a Sat. night and parking somewhere and just walking around The Village ...Getting honked and stared at and asked to pose for pictures with people ...Talking to the girls outside Bars smoking and if they strike your fancy letting them talk you into going back inside with them ...One night I was dressed all in black leather and had a little whip in my hand ...and got dragged into some big wedding reception ..by two girls who were the bridesmaids .. I must of been in a dozen places that night ..It was just so much fun ..I remember at 4 a.m. just wishing the night could last another 10 hours"

-- "There is a place just outside of DC called Freddie's that is supposed to be decent"

-- "Calgary ..... Twisted Element"

-- "I'm in Raleigh, NC and go pretty much anywhere. There is a very nice and friendly downtown with multiple places within walking distance and that means in heels. Clubs (straight/gay/mixed), restaurants, bars, and cafes all close to the Clarion Hotel(very friendly, cool bar on the top floor, and great fun front desk)
Borough (mixed bar and sidewalk cafe)
Legends/The View, CC's, Flex, (gay bars with shows different nights of the week)
Napper Tandys Irish pub, Rum Runners Lounge, Fireside, Humble Pie, among many many others."

-- "Harrisburg, PA; Liquid 891, Stallions, Club XS. Grat places that are comfortable to t-gurls and a lot of fun."

-- "When in Phoenix, AZ there is a wonderful club called Cruising 7th that is fantastic!! In Tucson, AZ I luv Colors or IBT'S dressing fun for sure!!"

-- "When I was in Toronto last June I was invited to a club called Reverb. OMG!!! *sigh*! I still have memories of that night that make me shiver."

-- "Hmmmm... hopefully you'll remember Deeetroit after they turn the lights out. In the meantime... Club 1625 (new club in Lincoln Park) on Wednesday thru Fri nights. On friday evenings go for a really nice dinner at La Dolce Vita then drive over to the Rainbow Room on 8 Mile. Saturday night is a trip to the world famous Gigis, take in the showbar as well as dancin & mingling.

-- "Now let it be known that there are plenty of straight, BDSM and blind pig venues to go to here and you will be for the most part be happily accepted. I will recommend though, you should have an escort/company for safety and the ca$h to be there... it's not a town for the faint of heart."

-- "Went into NYC to Nowhere Bar on 14 st...Place was packed with T's!
If you like to dance Beauty Bar is one of the hottest places ..Best D.J.'s in the city ..always playing just great mix of tunes ...I usually don't drink beer ..but they have this 'Triple Blue Star' Beer I think it's called which is just delicious ...It's pretty much a straight club ..with always like 3 times as many gg's as guys ...and they all treat the TG's like we're movie stars or celebrates in there ..It's a bit of a younger crowd but the girls are so hot ..and the guys are too ..if your into guys and even the couples love getting their picture taken with you and dancing with you ..If your into it ..you could probably go home with them and be the salami in the middle of the sandwich if you want ..gawd knows I've been asked enough times .I had so much fun in there ..Flirting ,hugging, groping ..dirty dancing.
Allanah Starr throws this big party on 39th St. With Allanah and Dina Delicious as Hosts and guest XXX Stars ..Kimber James and Nastassia Dreams ..The visual acts and effects they play all night are like nothing youv'e ever seen ..saw it once ..makes you feel like your tripping on acid in a sexual fantasy ...plus Hot Can Can T-Girls dancing on the bars and tables all night."

-- "In Raleigh there is a quite friendly downtown.
The Clarion Hotel has a nice bar and restaurant on the top floor. The staff is very friendly and it is a regular starting place (and ending place) for the local girls.
A block away is the Borough sidewalk cafe and bar. Nice mixed place owned and operated by a very sweet lady. Good food and drinks, friendly company.
Another block is Legends/View, a nice gay/lesbian club with a lot of variety. Good dance floor, multiple bars, lounge, enclosed courtyard, and a new show stage.
Across the street is CC's (Capitol Corral). I like the separate non-smoking piano lounge with comfortable seating and some great entertainers.
Other places include a fun Irish Pub, or six blocks to Rum Runners "Dueling Piano" bar,.. with a nice dance floor too. Always meet lots of fun girls there since it is a popular destination for bachlorette parties,...
Add the pedal cabs to get you around if it's more that a few blocks to some of the other places and what you have is a very fun place. Quite a number of other mixed places so not limited to just gay bars, I like the area a lot."

-- "Portland, Or. has the longest running continuous drag club in the U.S. - Old school show drag...Darcelle's. The Embers is a notorious tranny bar too, Silverado, red cap garage, C.C. Slaughters, HoBos..old school quiet gay piano type place, decent kitchen, quiet enough to talk....but this is such a smallish liberal town you can really go most anywhere, I'd shy away from the downtown commute in drunken frat boy type places. I knew a girl that wore full on fetish gear to the suburban movie theater sunday afternoon...no sweat, so i heard."

-- "I have to echo the recommendation of the Oxwood for the LA area. It's in Van Nuys and Wed and Sat. nights are our night to take over and have fun. I'm there almost every week and would love to meet all you girl's who happen to find themselves in LA, looking for a place to go to."

If you know of a hot place somewhere, please feel free to join in and share the wealth !

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TG Nightclubs from all over
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