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 VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!

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PostSubject: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:43 am

For those still unfamiliar with how this all works, the Viva WildSide Sin City Soiree '09 and the two previous years is a product of our group at Alt.com . Since Alt isn't everyone's cup of tea; (and the fact that they've got the worst, most frustrating and suckiest web board ever!) I thought I'd give those who aren't in-tune with the original WildSide board a lil bit of flava of what is being discussed. Remember though, there is a link to Alt, and anyone who wants to come join in (it's free) feel free to c'mon over. For those not so inclined; enjoy these lil snippets of The WildSide...

Alicia says...
Hi, I would like to be there also. I had so much fun last year!!! And it was really great meeting all the wonderful wildside girls! I can't make any plans right now as money is so damn tight right now. I heard from Marlayna Lacie, that Libertine Dungeon closed down, but there is a new place even better! She said her and Shavonna have been going to the new Las Vegas Power Exchange and is fabulous!
All My Love,

Tricia says...
Woohoo, very cool, I'm hoping to be there for at least 5 or 6 days. I'll be driving from LA and hope to get there by at least Tuesday the 12th. What I'm wondering is if we get enough prior confirmations, that we can get rooms next to each other or at least on the same floor, so we're not spread all over the hotel like we were last year.

Nikki says...
Hey Trish the Dish,
I asked at all the hotels I did inquiries with last year whether we couldnt get our rooms together, they all had the same answer. They explained that they dont allot the rooms in advance, but assign them upon check-in. With our members ( and rest of our bodies ( groan)) arriving on different days and staying different lengths of time, that makes it especialy difficult. The Trop said last year, and I'll make it a condition this year as well, that they'd put a note in special instructions to the desk clerk to try to put Wild Siders close together when possible.
It wouldnt hurt if we all made sure to point that out to the clerk upon check in and be adamant with them about it.
Looking forward to seein'. ya again, girl ( I posted about the heavenly foot massage I got )
May cant come fast enough!

Gina says...
Nikki pretty much covered the logistics of the hotel stuff, but one thought I had, and perhaps something all planning on coming later than Monday should do, is to call Nikki or myself on our cells to find out what our room number is. Then at check in, let the front desk know that...
A ) you are with Viva WildSide, and...
B )what rooms we (Myself & Nikki) are in and ask to be put as close to us as possible. (We'll be in the Paradise Tower, which is the most expensive, but closest to us).
I know this formula worked for me in '07 at The Sahara, and I'd imagine all hotels operate pretty much the same way. It could still be a crap shoot, but at least you have some extra ammo when you get to the front desk.

Nikki says...
K, got the proposal from the Trop, heres the details on the rates...

Garden Tower weekdays $35.00 ( $25 less than advertised rates, $10 cheaper than our last year rate)
Garden Friday/Saturday $89.00 ( $20 less than advertised Friday rate :, $30 less than advertised Saturday rate:, $40 cheaper than our last year rate)

Island Tower weekday $45.00 ( $25 less than advertised rate,, $4 cheaper than our last year rate)
Island Friday/Saturday $99.00 ( $20 less than advertised Friday rate: $30 less than advertised Saturday rate : $36 cheaper than our last year rate)

Paradise Tower weekday $65.00 ( $25 less than advertised rate : $4 cheaper than our last year rate)
Paradise Friday/Saturday $119.00 ( $20 less than advertised Friday rate, $30 less than advertised Saturday rate : $36 cheaper than our lastyears rate)

I'm pretty satisfied with the deal, whaddya all think?

Jennifer says...
Please after you see Nikki and Gina and the rest of the girls no one would even know I'm there ..Though I'm trying to arrange it .... Casino is one of my favorite movies ..and I got this fantasy ..You know how DeNiro and Pesci meet out in the dessert ??..I wanna meet someone out in the dessert and do naughty things to them for an hour or two ..without a word being spoken ...then we both just put our sun-glasses back on ...get in our cars and leave

Kathy says...
Mmmh how exciting!! All the lovely girls and in Sin City!! Can't wait-count me in!!

Ashley says...
Is there a theme night going on? Gina mentioned they did nurses last year...any ideas??

Gina says...
We are still wide open for ideas on theme nights, so fire away!! Here is the deal, Thursday (which has normally been Lingerie Night the last two years) is morphing into the bachelorette party for my friends who are coming down to celebrate their wedding. We are getting a poolside cabana on thursday afternoon to kick off the celebration, and then one idea Nikki & I have been tossing around is having a Lingerie night suite party once again, followed by going to Stripper 101. Again, we are still in the VERY early stages of all this, and would love your input!

Friday will be the wedding day/night. Sheri & Cindi (the happy couple) are totally excited about having a fetish wedding; meaning we can do a suite/pre party in our room, ala fetish night of the last couple of years, then hop in some limos and go to the chapel, then off to piranha night club (or something comparable) for more VIP treatment (in fetish garb, just like last year).

Again, this is very preliminary, so any ideas you have are way appreciated.

Divinyl says...
Well I have been very, very quiet which is quite uncharecteristic of Me. Have been watching the planning juggernaut rolling along.

I have only one simple little maxim to apply to the process.

Sometimes...Less is More. Don't try to cram too much into 'x' number of hours. Be realistic about what can be done...and done well! Especially given the potential size of the group and the nightmare of logistics on even simpler undertakings.

My advice....make it better...not necessarily bigger. Some casual, free time is not a bad commmodity even in a town like Vegas. Shopping...EATING...relaxed socializing are all good things...and don't need to be sacrificed in the grand scheme.

Suite parties don't need to start and shouldn't start earlier than 9 on any night. Gives people time to eat, relax with a cocktail....and get beautiful without being a nervous wreck and pressed to the scheduling wall. Gives the suite hosts a little sanity break as well.

I was at last year's Wildside for three nights. I starved two of those nights and ate cold pizza in my room ... alone....on the other. There honestly is nothing I enjoy more when in the company of a bunch of fun ladies like you...than to meet for cocktails and then descend on a nice restaurant, stake our claim of a big table and hold court for an hour or 90 minutes
(calling as much attention to ourselves as possible of course!!!). Then go back to our rooms....change into whatever for the night's theme and head to the suite. There just isn't time for this when things start at 7:30 every night.

Herding Cats ??? The bigger the 'kitty' drive and the more expansive the corral....the harder it gets!

Nikki says...
Couldnt agree more!

While we announced that the Theme/Clubbing Launch parties would begin at 7:30, it was understood that y'all could stroll in any time between 7:30 and when we left for the clubs ( midnite). However, Gina and I were pretty much obligated to be in the suite by7:30 to greet our guests, which resulted in some hectic days for us, running around making sure all the preparation were in place for that nite and nites to come and being back at the hotel for 7:30.
I'm determined this year that I, nor Gina, will take on only as much as we can do without it interfering with out relaxation and enjoyment of our holiday. That means I may ask some of you guys to step up and shoulder the responsibilities of an event or function or duty or errand or chore or something.
I hope I dont sound bitter or frustrated, cause I'm not. I've enjoyed every minute of the planning and overseeing of the last two Wild Side annual Vegas Soirees, and intend to perform in the same capacity for many more years to come.
However, there was a situation that arose last year that caused hurt feelings of others and personal pain for me because I didnt find the time to spend with certain people that meant a lot to me, and I wont let that happen again.

So, as D suggested, I think we'll schedule a more laid back soiree this year.( while still having lots of fun things to do)
And help me out, will ya, offer to lend a hand or oversee an event,
and dont let Gina take on the lion(esses) share of it ( as she is prone to do, she would spend 24 hours a day making sure YOU all had a good time, if you let her)

And PARTY ON !!!!!

Gina says...
Thank GAWD!

I'm lovin the initiative, and I sort of figured it would go down this way, this year. Once more people got a year under their garterbelts, and experienced how everything works, that VWS will be much easier to pull off this time around. I must totally echo Nikki's earlier sentiments in that nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes us happier than making sure that EVERYONE has the time of their lives at VWS (it's just how we roll!) We will still be planning a couple a kick ass, unbelievable events, but now that we've got many more VWS veterans on board, I know that we don't need to get as insane with times as we did last year, and things will run much more smoothly this time around.

D & Emile, you are both totally right on the money! We'll totally be able to plan for a more relaxed schedule than we had last year. Indulge me if you will as I throw out a couple of observations of my own based on two years of VWS experiences...

Be for-warned that there are just not enough hours in the day for an event of this magnitude. The impetus of this trip usually works around nighttime activities (whateveah they may be. I know Nikki & I weren't usually getting in until 4am) which leads to a VERY late start time the following day, which goes back to my point about not having enough time to fit in everything. Just being aware of that fact will make things much more relaxed. Never forget, that as hard as we try to schedule things prudently, we all know that "tranny-time" usually reigns supreme and can throw many a wrench in the best laid plans, (hence our kitty herding ways of last year).

A couple of the events we have planned circle around an actual Vegas style chapel wedding, and those events will need to be on a bit of more stringent time-frame, just due to the logistics of getting everyone to the chapel on time and stuff like that. We'll have set times for those events and we can be confident this time around that everyone knows what is coming and will give themselves enough time to get ready to go and celebrate! Beyond that, y'all are free to do whatever you want, when you want! Just being able to have yourselves ready to get out and have the grandest time EVAH makes the cogs in the VWS machine run more efficiently. Being cognizant of your own individual time-frames for getting fabulous is all we ask this time around!

I'll have a very erasable itinerary up very soon, and we'll ALL be able to build off of that and make sure that everyone goes home once all is said and done; tired, but completely satisfied that the '09 Sin City Soiree is bigger and better than ever!

Believe me when I say, we love all of you 1,000 times over, if we get a lil crazy, we only do it out of wanting y'all to have a complete and utter blast & a half!

Here's to us and the crazy, sexy, kewlness that is Viva WildSide 2009!

We are at about 4 pages so far. I'll keep updating this thread every so often to keep everyone up to speed on what's happening.

Luv ya,


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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:42 pm

Few more postings from the official planning thread of the Viva WildSide's 3rd Annual Sin City Soiree 2009 taken from the homebase of Alt.com...

Tina asks...
Which floor etc will you be on so I can get a room close to yours?
Thanks xxTina

Gina says...
Tina (and everyone else),
They won't allow you to reserve a specific room just yet (as far as I know, no hotel in LV does that). I'd recommend booking a room in the PARADISE Tower when you call. Last year we had a suite on the 11th floor, and I believe it was stipulated in the contract that we'll be in that same room this year as well. The best way to get close to our room is to call Nikki or I on Monday, May 11th. We will know exactly what our room number will be by about 3pm, and then when you physically check in at the front desk, mention you are with the WildSide group and want to be as close to whatever our room number is, as possible. That trick worked for me at the Sahara in 2007 and I'm confident it will work to get you as close to VWS headquarters as possible this time around as well!

Nikki says...
What Gina says is correct. They dont assign rooms in adavance, they reserve for you now, then assign upon check in depending on what is available. There will be a note to the desk clerk on the book=in computer telling the desk clerk to put Wild side embers as close together as possible, so BE SURE TO BRING THAT NOTE TO THE DESK CLERKS ATTENTION upon check in.
As well as having our cell phones, I'll have my lap top and will post our room number once we know, so if you can get access to a computer ( there is a business center in the hotel with computers by the minute) you could come to Wild Side and check here for the room number.

As as noted in the room rates, there are three towers of the Trop, the Island Tower, the Paradise Tower and the Garden Tower. We will be in the Paradise Tower.

Lola says...
The People at the Tropicana were Terrific! When I spoke to the reservations person he knew instantly what I was talking about re; Viva WildSide. I simply told him I was with the WildSide group and he gave me the exact rate for the room I wanted which you had posted earlier. Too Simple!

The Mini-Suite I booked comes with a King bed and a small sitting room separate from the bedroom, I believe. Kinda neat and only $20 more per night


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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:43 pm

thanks gina, alas I will only be able to make it to Vegas for the Thurs thru Sat. night fun. My trip to SF is going to take up most of my alloted free time for a bit...but this is sooo going to rock. You do too btw:D and Gina and Veronica send you their love and thanks for what a great time you showed us up there

luv ya so much

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Queen Bee

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:51 pm

Here are some more ramblings taken from the original WildSide web board on Alt.com. The thread is up to about 7 pages right now, and sometimes gets a lil hard to read, so here it is in a more condensed format...

Gina says...
Hey Hotties,
Tick-tock! The clock just keeps on rollin, and it will be VWS time before you know it! I'm getting a pretty good sense of who is coming this year, so if you are attending, do me a flavor and let me know when you plan on getting into town and how long you are gonna stay.

I've been working up an itinerary and Thursday & Friday look to be the premiere days/nights for VWS fun so far. I'd like to start putting feelers out to Stripper 101, limo companies, The Piranha for VIP fun and I'm trying to get a handle on how many people I should quote.

Tina says...
Hi Gina, I arrive early evening Tues 12th and leave late afternoon Sunday 17th - all booked flights and hotel. Btw I will have some DVD'S of last years video which I made but never put on YouTube as was'nt sure who wanted to be made public etc. I will bring about 20 copies for whoever wants a copy.
See you all soon xxTina

Copper says...
Oh i would like to try this. I am in Vegas soo much and have never been able to go en femme. fun!

Nikki says...
Are you saying you have video of last year that we havent seen, Tina?????????
OMG, this is like finding the Lost Sea Scrolls.
I didnt know any existed ( you hear rumours about such things, but invariably they turn out to be urban myth.)

Cant wait to see them, Tina

Jackie, could you bring the pics from last year that we havent seen? The ones of us "frolicking" in the pool and the ones you shot of me beside the pool. Pleeeeease

Copper, you HAVE to join us, ... you'll never be the same again ...no, no, in a good way

Tina says...
Hi Nikki, I videoed the Thursday night from the first get together at WS HQ to getting in the limos and then playing pool. If nobody has any objections I can post an edited version on You Tube or wait till I arrive Vegas. I went awol when I got back with Post Vegas Blues or better known as 'Tina Partied for 4 months solid till she could Party no more' -lol. Which is why I didn't post the video as soon as I got back. See you all soon. xxTina

Gina says...

Can we persuade you to take control of getting another Diva trophy for this year's event? I'll totally reimburse you for the cost, but I think it would be way kewl to have the same kind of award as we had last year!

Thanx Sugar!

Tina says...
Hi Gina, would love to organize the trophy again and wouldn't dream of you paying for it. Though this year I think you and Nikki should decide who receives if Jackie is unable to come - but would so like to present it again with a poem speech of course - it was quite special to me last year having traveled so far to see you all and to be made so welcome. This year is so much more special as I have learned so much and enjoyed a hell(good hell and bad hell-lol) of a time back here - when I came over last year I had only been a CD for 3 months and you all helped me to ensure that Tina stayed with me and is now a real part of my life. xxTina

Gina says...
You are so sweet! Thank you for organizing and the offer of paying for the trophy! If Jackie is unable to come (fingers & toes are still crossed, J!), I think it would only be right if you were the one to present the award! Hell, it was your idea in the first place! We've all seen your writings here, and I can only imagine how heartfelt and wonderful any presentation you make would be!

Tina says...
Hi Gina, it would be nice to have a list of which clubs, bars etc are ok to go to. Frankie and I (who as you know do not sleep) ended up one night in some apparently no go area of Vegas looking for clubs.
Perhaps one of the local girls can give some advice. Apart from that just being with you all is a buzz. xxTina

StephanieRene says...
Hi girls and thanks to the Wild Side organizers for setting up the Tropicana again this year for Diva.. I look forward to joining you in Las Vegas in May. I know some of you and really look forward to making new friends. xoxo, Stephanie Rene

Copper says...
lol, it would probably be good for me to "never" be the same hehe

I am looking at flights now and trying to get some gurls to come down with me from the Vancouver area. They area all party animals as you know and Im sure would love to stir it up in Vegas.

P.S. gawd, would love to frolick by the pool. How damaging is chlorine to wigs!! oh noooo

Nikki says...
Stephanie, Copper, ... it's SOOOO great to see so many new people interested and joining in ( pssssst Gina, we have some newbies to indoctrinate into the "I Survived Wild Side Vegas " club , ...... providing they DO survive that is )

Copper, tell Kiwi to come

Copper says...
I will most certainly tell Kiwi to come!!!
ummm, kiwi who?
P.S. Survive!!! be gentle ... I'm new!
P.S.S. ok, not really gentle mind you

CiCi says...
hi! i really should have done a better job at keeping up with the posts here. but has there been any talk of a group visit to the Power Exchange?
looking forward to meeting all of you...

Nikki says...
Remember, if you want to be close to the Wild Side Hospitality Suite ( our room ) make your reservation for the
PARADISE TOWER! then upon check in tell the desk clerk you want to be close to us. if you've already booked another tower, call 'em back and change it

Gina says...
Hey Tina Babe,
I'm not exactly sure of where the "no go" area's are, but I would hazard a guess it's prolly the places frequented by the drunken, douchey frat-boy type. Maybe some of the "trendy, sexy" clubs might be a problem, like Coyote Ugly or the Playboy Club, mainly cause of that lame-ass, homophobe frat-boy aspect, not cause of us.

There is the so-called "gay" area of Vegas, known as the fruit loop, where of course, TG's are a lil bit more welcome and commonplace, but I think I'd have to defer to a local to really get the skinny.

Calling Stacie aka KKBoston!!! She is our local girl on the scene.

Heather says...
Nikki or Lola, I booked a room in the Paradise Tower. My question is will the additional $20 for the mini suite be worth it?

Gina, will you hold it against me if I was a fraternity member years ago?

Gina says...
A group event to the Power Exchange hasn't been brought up yet. It's prolly not something I or Nikki would have a whole lot of interest in, but just because we don't want to go, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be put on the calendar. I know a bunch of girls went to Libertine last year and had a pretty good time, if I remember correctly. So if you (or anyone else) want to take control of setting up an excursion there for some of the group, please feel free!! All I'd ask is that you try and keep Thursday and Friday open cause those are going to be our two big group party nights and we'd like to have everyone join in the bachelorette party (Thurs) and the wedding festivities (Fri)! Drop me an note, if you like, and we can work out the logistics.

No worries babe! We've already turned you over to the darkside!! So all is well!

Copper says...
would be nice to see some sort of spa, pedicure, massage options also. massaaggggggeeeee mmmmmmm

Glenda says...

Hi all, will be attending Wildside in Las Vegas this year. Look forward to meeting everyone 12-17. xoxoxo, Glenda

Nikki says...
Heather, you'll have to ask Lola, she booked a mini suite.
From what she said it did seem like a good deal, but i domt know specifically what you get or how much bigger it is than a regular room.

Copper, a spa trip ( manicure, pedicure, facial ) is a good idea. Gina? can we slip in a spa afternoon?
Copper, what day do you arrive and how long are you staying?

CiCi ( love your new profile photo by the way )
I know at least a few attendees that would be all for an excursion to the Power Exchange. Why not do some preliminary research/planning ?

Tina says...
Hi Gina, I went to Libertine and had quite a good time - I know Frankie did!!. xxTina

Nikki says...
Well, its finally over
It's been a long 5 months, working during the day and going to school at nite but it's done
My Make Up course is complete and I'm one step away from being able to call myself a Professional Make Up Artist.
That one step still left to do is to perform the certification practical exam.( do 3 looks from cleanse to complete, in a half hour each)
My technique is fine but I need to improve my speed.
And what have we said here, time and time again, to some of the younger members who are having trouble with their own make up ?.... practise, practise, practise,
so thats where my Vegas party girls come in and the purpose of this post

While in Vegas , I'll do make overs for whoever wants one.
Just get a hold of me once were there and we'll arrange a time (like in preparation for one of our nites out)
I should get lots of practise that way and when I get back my certification should be a breeze

Nikki says...
> Sender: CiCiFetishDoll
> To: nikkibel
> Date: Mar 6, 2009 11:50 pm PST
> Nikki,
> i'd luv a makeover in vegas. how much are you charging? and seriously, girl... you're going to get a ton of responses. how are you going to do 40 makeovers in a couple of days?
> xoxo,
> CiCi

>Hi Gorgeous
I'll do 'em for free this year, buy me a drink.
Course, I'll only do as many as I can reasonably do without it interfering with the enjoyment of my holiday.
Perhaps I should take bookings now, ahead of time? what day would you like me to do yours? As you were the first to ask, I'll give you first choice.

BTW, I think there will be a lot of interest for the Power Exchange, you should talk with Gina and come up with a day that would work best, maybe post a sign up sheet to gauge the response

See you soon

CiCi says...
"So if you (or anyone else) want to take control of setting up an excursion there for some of the group, please feel free!!"

hmmmm, Gina... "take control"? -- that just sounds so wrong for a subbie like me. but here goes...

if anyone's interested in a side trip to the Power Exchange (dungeon) during Wild Side, just let me know! we'll worry about schedules and logistics later. justlet me know if you're interested!

and thanx to Nikki and Gina for doing all of this. i'm really looking forward to meeting all of you!


Heather says...

I'm game for the Power Exchange. Is it the one used in CSI?

Heather Pink

Divinyl says...
You know I am all over the Power Exchange hon. I believe we had discussed that in our phone conversation. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it was a long standing fixture in San Francisco now newly relocated to Vegas.

It was on My to do list every year when in SF, in spite of its somewhat dicey location and seedy clientele. Where else in the U.S. could you go and do damn near ANYTHING you wanted to. There is a decidely bdsm tilt to it but basically its an anything goes sex club. About the only thing that doesn't 'go' is non-consensual and taking pictures. And they are somewhat nazi like in their enforcement of the pic thing. DAMN!

The new Vegas location looks safer, cleaner and perhaps a bit 'goofier'. I have looked at pics and the decor looks like a kinky Chuck E Cheese. I know seeing the Chuckster in a ball gag and x harness would scar us all for life but its a risk I am willing to take.:>

If you are interested in going, give CiCi a shout as such on here and include when you are arriving in your post.

Tina and Frankey,

There is an alternative lifestyle friendly club called Krave on the backside of the PH Casino (The Trop Side). I went there two Januarys back and I know Gina and Nikki went last year. My take is they are very trans tolerant and accepting. Its a beautiful spot, great sound and dancefloor and comfy seating. Oh and overpriced drinks of course...what else.
As far as I know its the only self billed alt lifestyle club on the strip. Everything else is off in the fringes. Las Vegas Lounge is very kitschy and a local institution, but even locals have steered people away from it unless you are in a group because of security concerns. Again, a few of us migrated there after Libertine last year and Gina and Nikki went as well earlier in the week, both without incident.


Glenda says...
I'd also like to vote a visit to the Power Exchange. I'm a sub and would love to play. xoxoxo, Glenda

Gina says...
Krave was OK, I thought. We went on a Saturday night, and it was just a big, loud club. D describes it pretty much to a "T", only thing I would add is don't really plan on having many conversations there, and if you do, bring some cough drops for the next morning! But all that said, I'd have no problem going back there!

I must admit, as seedy and gnarly as it is, I LOVE the Las Vegas Lounge! Nikki and I always make a "pilgrimage" there at least once while in Vegas. We went there with Shanny and the gang back in '07 and it was way fun. The tranny go-go dancers are hit and miss, the chasers can be especially creepy, but overall it's a hoot! It's not in the best part of town, so it's prolly better to be in a decent sized group.

The area commonly known as the "Fruit Loop" (ain't that clever? ) is only a couple of miles from The Trop and has a few fun places. Piranha Nightclub is over there, Freezone (the place we stopped at on limo night last year) can be fun if there are people there. Last year the DLV pub crawl started at Club Blyss and then went on to the Escape Lounge (site of Jill's first ever paid pole dance! We we're all so proud ) All those places as well as Krave aren't more than a few miles from The Trop, so there should be plenty of off strip activity to keep us all busy.

Nikki or Jill, what was the name of that dark club/bar we went to with that local last year? I remember it was down near Fremont St, but am blanking on the name.

Oh, and Divinyl, I don't think you would have liked Power Exchange in SF. I made the rounds there once and it was just a giant jerk-fest!

Lola says...
Is there going to be enough time to do the things I want to do in the week that I'm in 'Vegas? It's like a veritable Feast of offerings to choose from. Simply amazing.

CiCi, I would be interested in an excursion to the Las Vegas Power Exchange. I've never been to the one in San Francisco mainly because the reports I had of it were less than attractive. Since Power Exchange has a new home perhaps it will be worth seeing.

Gina says...
If anyone cares about seeing a drag show in Vegas, here is some info I got courtesy of the DLV site...

Yes, Lucky Cheng's has just closed and performers were let go of.

If you wanted to see some drag shows, Flex has them almost every night
of the week now (Tue - Sat)starting fairly late, about 11pm or midnight.) You can see a number of ex-Lucky Cheng's performers at Flex now. There is no cover.

Another alternative is FreeZone of Friday and Saturday night (I think
show starts at 10). No cover.

Gypsy on Sunday night, 11pm (with Shanel of "RuPauls Drag Race"). No
cover as far as I know.

Charlie's on Sunday night (9pm-midnight). No cover.

That's up to the minute action from WildSide central (as of 3/8 ). I'll have more in a week or so! Wink

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:39 am

More from WildSide Central on the big blowout...

CiCi says...
thanks, everyone!
so far, we've got the following girls interested in a trip to the PE...

Stephanie Rene
PPC (Heather Pink)

Who else is up for being strapped down?

Tina says...
Hi CC put me down for Power. xxTina

Nikki says...
To those who have e-mailed me about doing their make up, or those who intend to ask, try ( though not essential) to have a specific look in mind and bring a picture ( ie: torn out of a magazine or whatever)

Heather says...
Gina, I'm game for a drag show. I've only seen one thus far but it was in a small local club.
Nikki, can I just tell ya the page # from THE BOOK?

Nikki says...
i wont have the book with me, P, photocopy it and bring it along

Jennifer says...
Nikki I would strongly recommend you rescind your offer of doing everyone's make-up ..Or keep it to a bare..bare minimum ..Your out there to party and have a good time ..and you and Gina got enough on your plates already ...and I know you ...you can't say "NO" to anyone ..I just think you'll get so swamped and overwhelmed by it.

Nikki says...
thanks sweetie
but there is a motive to my madness
as with anything, the more times you do something, the better/faster you get at it, and I need to get faster to pass my certification,
so i'll be getting something valuable out of it too, perfecting my skill
but dont worry, i'll try not to take on more than i can do without it affecting my enjoyment

Jackie says...
Hi everyone,
I’m trying hard to make VWS 09. The problem is I will not be at the Trop and I will not have any Jackie clothing with me

As of today March 10th I’m looking at the following..

Flight/ Hotel ( Stratosphere Tower ) Car will cost me $618

I have not booked yet

Hope to C-YA in Vegas
Jackie Star

Nikki says...
We've got clothes for ya, Jackie, no problem there
come look through my suitcase when you get in

Gina says...
Hey Jackie Babe,

I heard on the radio today that airlines are slashing fares due to the current economic climate. I looked into things a lil further and found this lil blurb from the Wall Street Journal...

More fare cuts came down the pike Tuesday; fare-watcher Tom Parsons reported that Southwest Airlines is offering 39 bux one-way airfares for passengers who can fly between March 24 through June 24. "We are seeing all or the legacy airlines as well as the low-cost airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, AirTran Airway and jetBlue, offering bargain basement airfares which we have not seen the likes of in years," Parsons wrote in a press release.

While these discounted fares are pinching on carriers, they’re also making it much more attractive to travel. But shoppers must be flexible about their travel dates if they really want to snag the cheapest seats.

This one comes from NPR...

Rick Seaney, chief executive of Farecompare, tells NPR's Michele Norris that right now is the best time in a decade to fly. That's a huge reversal from last summer, when prices were among the highest.

"It's completely flipped on its head in a short year," he says.

Seaney also has several tips for people looking to travel on the cheap. One trick, he says, is to buy airline tickets on Tuesday afternoons. That's the time he calls "the perfect sweet spot," when the sales have come in and all the airlines have matched.

He also says the absolute cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and that many of the lowest airfares come with rules stating that travelers can fly only on those days.

Hopefully this news helps get you out to us this year! Don't worry about the clothes and stuff. I'm sure we can wrangle up a couple of outfits for you. (OMG, did I just hear a lil voice say "LET'S GO SHOPPING" )? How many days are you thinking about coming out for? And, can't you get a deal at The Trop? The Strat is like sooooooooo far away! We'll have a people with cars, do you think you will really need one?

We really want you there babe! Let us know if we can help!!

Mooz says...
Well, well, hehehe, if all the stars align Nikki, I will be roadtripping down Vegas way mid may witha local gal;tina tgrl, she wants to stay at New York New York, I may just bump into a few of the alt girls accidentally ,hehehehe .lol

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:41 am

still more rantings from WildSide Central...

Copper says...
I would be into the Power Exchange trip. I think you can pencil myself and my gg girlfriend Alexxa in CiCi. And we will claim glenda for the evening bwahahahaaa

Tricia says...
CiCi..if it doesn't conflict with the other main festivities I'd be into going too. Oh and someone mentioned massages somewhere up thread. As like last year, I'm bring my table, so if anyone is looking for a good massage while you're here, let me know. They won't be free..but they will be greatly disconted.

Copper says...
yes, i mentioned massage. I love to give them and receive them so. if i can book in with you either way let me know. I would love to bring my table but it is a little big to be bringing in from Vancouver. By the way. any others coming from Vancouver ?? Like to see how many canadians are invading the town this weekend.

P.S. I booked my flight and hotel , the hotel choice was Trop but it did not give a room designation. So. I will try to bribe the check in staff to get me into the tower. i don't mind paying but was not given an option when booking. strange but true ... really If not i don['t mind parading through casino's or such to the tower but think it would be more fun to be in Paradise.

Getting excited

Heather says...
Finally booked a flight.

Everyone in the office keeps walking in while I am checking out related websites - i.e. Tropicana, Las Vegas, or Delta. One woman thinks I'm meeting "old Army buddies".

Yesterday, a guy told me to watch out for the bars with drag shows as they'd been to one where the performers mingled with the crowd before and after the performances. He said it creeped him out. I swear I was biting the inside of my left cheek trying not to laugh.

I guess I won't share any pictures with him

Nikki says...
That is strange, Copper. Did you book your room over the internet or by telephone? Did you identify yourself as a Wild Sider?
As for other Canadians coming, I dont know of any others from Vancouver ( Shannon and Dave cant make it this year 'cause of their pending nuptuals ) Ashley and I are coming from Calgary, Tonya maybe from Toronto ..... cant think of any others off hand.

Welcome Vegas, stay tuned to this thread as we begin planning our parties and functions and your most welcome to join in.

Glenda says...
Hi all. Well I bought some exotic lingerie today from Fredericks of Hollywood in case we have a lingerie party in the suite some night. So I guess I'm voting for a lingerie party!! xoxoxo, Glenda

Jill says...
Remember Nikki - I got my make-over request in long before the rest of these clamoring bitches [just kidding darlings] - They can all get in line behind me.

Nikki says...
One of our friends, Wendi, was concerned about being able to check in under her girl name. I've asked about that with other hotels and have been told that State Law requires that legal names be used, no aliases.
I gave Wendi the name of our contact person at the Trop, Jaylene, and told her to e-mail her and see if there was anything she could do.

Follwing is Jaylene's response .......

Okay got the scoop with hopefully some more details for you...

When making the reservation put the name you want to go by under the reservation, the "add name" should be you legal name. You will still need to show your legal ID at check in, however since we have your group checking in at Gold Card and we will make them aware of your preference to go by your female name but they can still reference your "add name" to your legal ID to cover us on that end.

We will discuss this and prepare the front desk to make sure it goes smoothly. Hope that make sense and if not let me know!

Feel free to pass the word on to everyone!


jaylene/ sr. national sales manager, tropicana las vegas resort and casino

Franky says...
Hi Cici I,m in for power exchange!
xo franky

Jeanette says...
OK, I'm finally ready to book--Just gotta throw some money on my cc but I HOPE I'm not too late...I should be back from work Fri. eve to make arrangements...Gina, Nikki, any info/advise? Where are you booked (I KNOW, the Trop., but...)
Lemme know if u see this before Fri. nite--Thanks!

Nikki says...
every so often, I'll take one of our planned events and flseh it out abit, give you guys a better idea of what we have in mind

BTW, and this maxim hold true for every one of our theme partys, we'd like to see everyone come "in theme", but more than that, we just want everyone to come, so if you cant put together an outfit that fits the theme, dont worry about, just come.

Lingerie Nite - Pajama Party
Think teen girl sleep over with popcorn and a risque game of Truth or Dare
We'll also do a photo shoot with individuals posing in their hottest lingerie and group photos perpetuating the pajama party theme( ie: 4 girls in lingerie on a bed having a pillow fight)
So we'd like the girls to wear some kind of lingerie or sleep wear, and the guys , maybe silk pajamas or silk robe

Now, some of us MAY or MAY NOT go out for some late clubbing ( like midnite or 1 ) The old girls of Diva have a traditional event at 2 am in the Charles Bar at the Bellagio ( thats the event that they kicked Amber out of last year for being "inappropriately dressed ) and we may just want to make an appearance their just for ...... well, I'm sure you understand the motivation
Or we may go out to other clubs, so just in case you want to join those going out later, bring a change of clothes so you can change from your lingerie

Gina says...
Nikki pretty much summed up everything, but I wanted to just toss in a couple of things.

In years past, we would tell people to show up around 7-7:30, but realized that that can run into people getting dinner and stuff like that, so this time around we are going to set the start time for around 8:30-9pm. This gives everybody a lil more time to eat and get fabulous. It also gives Nikki and I extra time to prepare and not have to be ready and waiting to welcome guests so early!

Another tip would be if you are interested, bring your own camera if you have one. Nikki & I will have a couple of cameras & tripod. We'll also have at least one laptop and hope to be able to burn discs for everyone on sight, but if you want to have some shots on your own camera, remember to bring it on down, ya cameraly wenches!
OH, I almost forgot, Janie turned me on to a very funny lil tidbit taken from the DLV's FAQ...

"What about all of those wild parties I keep hearing about?

That's somebody else trying to ride our coat-tails. We have nothing to do with that. If it doesn't appear on our schedule, it's not part of DLV."

Ya know, I've always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt (I was raised to respect my elders ), like live and let live, but after last years snub of Amber and such, these granny trannies are just too much ridiculous! It's actually GREAT to know we are officially under their skin! Let's all remember to pack our 4 iron's, 12 gauge's, some sweats and a pair of sensible shoes in honor of DLV!

G the coat-tail rider!

Nikki says...
I was going to reproduce that excerpt too, G, but you have done it eloquently

Do ya think were under their skin ?
the icy tone and palpable disdain in their response is producing icicles on my screen LOL

If it wasnt such a waste of a perfectly good party nite, I'd suggest we all dress up like Mama from Carol Burnetts Eunice, and attend one of their functions

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:44 am

The latest for Alt...

Maddy says...
Hey Girls,

My name is Madilyn but my friends (of which I hope you all will be at some point) call me Maddy. I'm a recently transplanted (11 months now)Las Vegan originally from the Mid-West. I've definitely enjoyed my almost year of exploring and trying to understand the ins and outs of Las Vegas and the TG scene...it's been interesting.

When I was living about 1,700 miles East of here for most of my life I always thought I wanted to come to Las Vegas for DLV...it seemed like the cool hip event to check out...in fact, I was bummed that I missed DLV by just a week when I moved out here last Spring.

Since moving here though and going out at least weekly I've met some really wonderful local gf's and amazing girls from out of town. No matter who I've met, almost everyone I've talked to has told me such great stories about your group of girls and how much fun you have during the same week as DLV. I've been told that this is the group that I want to be in.

From what I've been told...this group likes to "let their hair down" moreso than DLV, so I'd like to enlist. How do I sign-up? I'd love to think that there are some local girls that I haven't met combing these boards, and I always enjoy meeting visiting friends, so this seems perfect.

I'll go back and read this thread, but if someone would give me tje skinny I'd love to participate in some of your festivities come May. Oh...and since I'm local, if anyone needs any help in advance, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have a somewhat flexible schedule...

Anyway, thank you for letting me rant and I hope to meet and communicate with all of you soon...



Luc says...
Hey Madilyn! (Since we said hi on the stl local off alt group I figure I should say hi to you here too)

Oh and an announcement for those who don't know already...God willin an' the crick don' rise...Arc and I will BE in Vegas for VWS!

Nikki says...
Welcome Maddy !!!!!
Your MORE than welcome to join in our festivities, just stay tuned to this thread as we formulate and unveil our plans.
LOL, so the locals have heard of us , have they ?
My Gawd, the word certainly spreads after only our second year, I'd love to hear a little more about what you have heard, like how did it come up, how many had heard of us.
As you can see from my previous post, we seem to be a thorn in the Granny Tranny's side, .... cause we like to have fun?

Anyway, stay tuned here, Maddy, for the itinerary. Drop Gina a line at ginashothouse ( just google it, you'll find it) and leave her your phone number so you'll be put on and receive a phone list of everyone attending, then you'll not have to worry as to how to contact us.

GREAT NEWS LUC !!!!!!! OMG, that is so fabulous, see ya there, bro

CiCi says...
i'm really looking forward to meeting you after all this time!

Gina says...
It just makes my heart soar knowing that we've got some buzz going in Vegas about our lil soirees. That thorn in DLV's side is quickly tuning into a big ass spear!

Big giant welcome to our new WildSider, Maddy and a big cheer at the news that Luc is coming! YAY!!!! Can't wait to meet you all!

See ya at the Trop!

Gina the coat-tail rider/thorn sticker

Janie says...
Hi Maddy, from one newcomer to another.

Gina, I'm happy you made enough of an impression on them that they felt compelled to distance themselves from you, cuz that's how I found this group! I was looking into DLV when I came across that FAQ entry, which sent me on a determined internet search to find those awful wild parties they were talking about.(It would have been nice of them to provide a link rather than make me spend all day searching the internet LOL.)

BTW, Did you know that they did a survey(2007)about your parties?

Did you participate in any of those "other" activities which
somebody else had planned on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of
DLV week?

Yes, and I skipped DLV activities in order to do so.: 0
Yes, but I had not signed up for DLV activities: 9
No: 47
I don't know what you are talking about.: 28

This referred to those "Wild" parties which were announced in the
various Yahoo groups and on other fora. They were to be a more
"adult" alternative to the "vanilla" things planned for DLV.

>From the responses, it looks like that the majority of our people
at least caught word of them, but chose not to attend. Of those
who indicated that they attended, none of them said they skipped
DLV activities they had already signed up for to do them. This
would be our only concern.

Y'know, to me DLV seemed alright, if a little tame, until I saw stuff like this, or the unending instructions on how to dress or NOT to dress and how to go to the bathroom. That got me wondering about them.

And then I found a story on the Amber incident...

Nikki, your idea is very funny, and I agree that we have better things to do. The best revenge is living well.

Gina aka lil G says...
Hi Nikki and Gina,

I have not talked to both of you for a while. Hope both of you do well.

I really love to join you girls at LV to have fun again but I have a lot going on and can't really make descision at this moment. It is 50/50 percent chance for me and that's why I have not booked anything yet. It will be very last minute for me to find out if I can go or not. Wish me luck. Gina. Hope we can activate Duo Power again. lol.

By the way, Nikki, I would like to be your asistance for the makeup session if you need extra hand and I love to do make up and maybe I can learn some new tricks from you as well.

Take care!!!


Nikki says...
would love to teach you some tricks, babyGina
and maybe do some make up application too

Hope you can make it sweety, wouldnt be the same without ya

Luc, too bad you'll miss the Friday and Saturday stuff, but sure am glad we'll have the earlier part of the week to "hang" and socialize. Bring silk robes or something for the Wednesday nite Pajama party and you and Arc can be our Hugh Hefners to our Playboy Bunnys
You'll be around for Thursday nite, thats good, Thursday will be our Fetish Nite/Power Exchange combo nite.
and thats the perfect sequay for me to tell everyone about the Thursday plans , thus far ......

Gina aka lil G says...
Nikki Darling!!! That will be fun. Love to learn more
new tricks from you. Wanna be a make up artist in the future. **Grin**

Just wonder when you do make over for whoever have scheduled with you, are you gonna use your own stuff for each one or they need to bring their own?

Nikki says...
Fetish Nite / Power Exchange

As with past years, we use the hospitality suite as a launching pad for our events. Everyone meets at the suite a few hours in advance, we have a few drinks, then head out for our nite of clubbing.

Thursday is a fetish combo nite. The more people that come dressed in fetish wear, the better. The first year Gina and I came as Private Skool Girls, last year Naughty Nurses. This year, .... well, you'll have to wait and see
Anyway, so everyone shows up at the suite Thursday nite, hopefully in theme, and we party there. Then, for those that want to go to Power Exchange they go, and those that want to go clubbing off they go. At the clubs we go to, fetish wear will NOT be out of place LOL. So, no matter if your undecided which place you want to go , you can wait till the last moment to decide and either place you go you'll be appropriately dressed. Baby Gina, either way , I have a make up kit with more colors than hues in a rainbow!

Gina says...
I just wanted to add a couple of things to what Nikki said. First off, one of the perks we get for being the fabulous ones that we are, The WildSide was given free use of a pool side cabana, which we intend to use on Thursday afternoon, so anyone interested in that remember to bring your suits. Nikki, myself, Winnie and Alicia all spent time down at the pool and had no problems what so ever, so no need to be apprehensive. And if you aren't really sure about traipsing around in a one or two piece, no worries there either. A tank top and pair of shorts or whatevah you feel comfy in is fine.

Also, we decided to cut out the limos this year. So, unless there is a big uproar about it otherwise, we won't be doing that this time around.

Tyler says...
Wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Tyler and I'm a transman. My friend Lucas told me about the Viva WS in Vegas and this sounds like a lot of fun. Would you ladies mind a t-man hanging around with you all? Pardon my ignorance too, but are there activities planned or is it a free for all? This is my first event of any kind with the community.

Thanks for all of your help,

Copper says...
wow. pillow fight! TGurls Gone Wild!

so what exactly constitutes eviction from the bar event? in terms of fashion? Just wondering what they kicked Amber out for?

Nikki says...
they said her sweater dress was too short
just to be clear,
it wasnt hotel security that asked he to leave, but some Diva maven, which, of course, she had no authority to do .
No different than you being in a shopping centre as example, or any other public place, and some church lady shopper coming up to you in a store and telling you she didnt like the way you were dressed and that you should leave.
Amber is so sweet, and non-confrontational, that she didnt want to cause us any problems, so she left and we didnt know what happened till the next morning. welcome Tyler
We have some activities planned, if you page back you'll find some descriptions of some Wednesday and Thursday events. Stay tuned to this thread. Other days plans.
If you decide to go, please announce it on the " Yeah, I'll be in Vegas" poll at the bottom of the Wild Side discussion topic page. Once you've booked your hotel, announce that on the " I've booked my hotel" poll, and let us know where your staying, when your arriving and departing .
As you read previous pages you'll find details on the Wild Side deal at the Tropicana if you want to stay in the same hotel as us.

Mike says...
So...I was reading the post from the weekend and it looks like y'all have some issues with the DLV crowd. I'm in for anything that irks them. I tried to communicate with them last year, and they wouldn't even respond to me. Besides you folks seem alot more fun anyway. Looking forward putting some "sin" in Sin City.

Gina says...
Welcome Tyler to the swankiest soiree on the strip! It's great to have you along. Looks like Nikki's got you covered on the info side, (when you go to my board, check out wildside west for all things VWS!) let me just add you will have a blast! As long as you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of gigglin, wigglin, tgirls!

Wow Vegas323, a negative experience with DLV? I'm shocked!
Your story is one that I'm hearing more and more lately. A lot of people who I've met (both online and in person) have expressed what a negative vibe they felt from DLV. To each their own though, I guess. If the DLV people enjoy themselves, more power to them, but lighten up a lil, for crying out loud!

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:45 am

Gina says...
Hey Copper,

Here is the full story. I wrote this after the trip last year...

"So for those that haven't heard the story yet. We did have a tiny bit of drama at DLV this year, not of our own doing, mind you. It happened at the Charles Bar event in the Bellagio at like 4am. One of our group was asked to leave the party because they weren't dressed appropriately enough. None of us knew it had even happened until the next day, but suffice to say, we were all pretty ticked! There were several of us in way more offending outfits than hers!

Amber wrote me a note explaining what happened, so for prosperity's sake, I feel obligated to reprint this historical document here...

Dear Gina,

Please read this to the gang tonight. I sooooo enjoyed meeting you all last night. Everyone looked so sexy!

For those who missed the action last night, I was thrown out of Charles Bar by DLV! Two DLV "officials" sternly asked, no sorry, TOLD me to step aside with them. The fashion police had pulled me over! They charged me with dressing in a un-diva like way and then grilled me further! The one that looked like Eric Cartman in his mom's house dress inquired "Are you an official Diva Las Vegas fully signed up participant???" I looked at the one who looked like Dick Cheney in drag and told them "No, I'm a wildgirl from THE WILDSIDE! They told me to leave immediately or that security would throw me out. I was about to say, I've been thrown out of better bars than this, but quickly realized this WAS the best bar I was ever thrown out of! As I left (I think I was givin like thirty seconds to leave) I imagined security guards trying to find the "Charles Bar" and not having a clue where it was.
I am sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everybody, but I couldn't think of a better way to end the night than being thrown out of DLV. The last thing "cartman" said to me was, "you are BANNED from Diva Las Vegas!" As I turned and left, I'm not sure, but I think she mumbled "you will respect my authorita!"

C-YA NEXT YEAR! With any luck I'll get tossed out of DLV again!



Is that crazy or what??? I think Amber deserves a place in the WildSide Hall of Fame for being the first tgirl ever banned from Diva Las Vegas!

It's only fitting that it was a WildSider!!!"

Copper says...
just wanted to clarify, I was not enquiring about Ambers fashion choice in an attempt to avoid being tossed from a bar run by elderly south park characters but rather wanted to get an idea of her bar-toss-togs so that I might be able to match or surpass it! gawd, to be thrown out of a bar for looking hot! Yum!!

Mike says...
Maybe it's better that DLV did snub me last year, if they through someone out bases just on how they were dressed. Can't imagine what they would have done to me for what I might have been doing to one of you ladies in there. LOL

Nikki says...
that isnt meant to suggest that Thursday would be the only day by the pool, I intend to be there as many afternoons as I can

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:45 am

Gina says...
Hey y'all,

I was going through some old files today and ran across something kewl! At last year's VWS, I met one of my tg "heroines" Marlayna Lacie. She is a pretty famous TG writer; she was one of the main hostesses at the famed Queen Mary night club, down in So. Cal and she now is writing for TRANSFORMATION magazine. Anyways, she had founded, ran and wrote for an ultra kewl magazine called TV Epic that was one of the first TG publications I ever saw. That magazine and Marlayna were both big influences on me. So, when I told her my story about TV Epic and all that, she was very gracious. Well, to make a long story short, she asked me to write an article for TRANSFORMATION about Vegas last year. It hasn't been published yet, but still it was an honor that she even asked.

I had totally forgotten about the article until now, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to post it. I hope you like it!


The WildSide were friends before any of us had ever really laid eyes on each other. We all met through a web group on a big fetish site. I joined in March of 2007, just as talk of the first WildSide trip to Vegas was starting. I took a gamble and went. I didn’t really know anyone other than through the brief interactions we had on the message board. It turned out to be a mega-jackpot, because the people I met on The WildSide 2007 Las Vegas trip were the most wonderful, supportive, open, and classy people I had ever met, and I knew I found a place to belong. I also found a best friend…a real one! Nikki and I hit it off from the word go, and we have been best friends ever since. She gave me support and love I had never felt before and that opened my eyes to so many new wonderful things that I was changed forever!

The “official” hosts of the Vegas party were a touch too conservative for our liking. So that is really where the whole concept of the WildSide really took off. We sort of hung around the fringes of some of the “official” events and met some really cool people, but we mostly did our own thing. We held our own themed hotel parties; we had lingerie night, fetish night and glam night (complete with a professional photographer) and though all were sort of small in numbers, they were huge for the quality of the people and the positive vibes they brought. After the second hotel party, I remember being at some “official” event somewhere, and one of their members said to me, “Oh, you are with that wild group that has the parties over at The Sahara, aren’t you?” I was beaming, inside and out. I said yes hastily and ran off to find Nikki and tell her that we now had a rep. It felt good! It was like being in the bad girl clique that gets noticed for smoking in the girl’s room.

Out of those experiences came the idea that The WildSide wasn’t just a web group. It was now real people sharing an unbelievable experience together. I dare say Nikki & I took the most away from the trip, because we came away with a best friend and a sista for life. The bond we all formed on that trip was super tight. There was such positive energy radiating off of us, it was hard not be touched by these people. So knowing what that experience had done for me, and for Nikki, we wanted to share that awesome feeling with as many as we could.

We talked a lot over the winter about going back to Las Vegas. Since we had the experience from ’07 fresh in our heads, we did a lot of “wouldn’t that be cool”s and “what if’s” as we talked about what to do. One thing led to another and we ended up planning a few small events, sort of like the “official” Las Vegas hosts do, except ours would be fun! We had learned a lot about what not to expect from the “official” hosts during our 2007 trip. So we just decided that we could do it better, even if it was only for our benefit.

Nikki had been around the group for a long time, so she had some pull. I made lots of new friends after Vegas 07, so we became the “keepers of the Vegas flame” so to speak. Plus the stories and photos of our lil soirée had captured people’s imaginations. The first announced posting of our desire to go back to Vegas was in November 07. We started hammering home the virtues of the trip, although no one was really paying that much attention to April during the holiday season. But as time ticked by, this party just took on a life of its own.
We wanted as many people as possible to be able to afford this, so we stayed away from trying to book places like Paris or The Bellagio, and searched more manageable mid range hotels. Nikki came up with The Tropicana and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Nikki is the negotiator of the group. She loves it and she does it very well. She worked out an awesome group rate at the hotel for everyone who was recognized as a The WildSide member. I was basically the leg person. I found out the hotspots we might like, and what was happening around town on any given night.

As our little lists became clearer, momentum started to build within the group. People were genuinely excited and better yet, people weren’t just talking about it, they were booking! Our first Vegas trip only brought out maybe seven actual WildSiders, but by the time we would make our final tally this year, 27 members, some from as far away as England and Australia had a room booked either at The Trop or were in condos close by.

The group’s excitement kept sparking our own excitement as we continued to plan, and the ideas were now flowing like the wine that helped inspire them. As events and schedules started to unfold, and with the size of the group, we realized that we could add our own little special touches that would really spice things up. We could throw in a few “higher ticketed” items that none of us would have probably been able to do on our own.

One of our members is a major shutterbug. She shipped out all kinds of equipment and we were able to offer a “professional” style photo shoot for anyone who wanted the experience of being under the lights. We had two big themed hotel parties planned, deciding to bring back Lingerie Night and of course, Fetish Night. Then one of the girls brought up an event called “Tranny Love” at this new dungeon in Las Vegas called Libertine. It was hosted by Shavonna Starr and Marylana Lacie. There was a lot of buzz surrounding that event and besides, who hadn’t heard of Shavonna & Marlayna? So that quickly made our list of things to do.

Nikki, myself and a couple of other girls arrived on Monday, while the bulk of the group wouldn’t be getting in until Wednesday. The suite was GORGEOUS with a post card view. We had a few semi-quiet days & nights, which included Cirque Du Soleil/Beatles: Love, manicures & pedicures, laying out in our bikinis by the Tropicana pool, and of course, shopping. It’s not a WildSide trip to Vegas without hitting some of the awesome shopping spots in town. We love Studio Lites and always make sure we get there at least once, but usually it’s like twice.

On Wednesday, a lot of the group was in town and by the time our Lingerie Party kicked off on Thursday night, The WildSide was at full force. The Lingerie Party was a big hit; everyone was in the swing of things. You can see all the shots at http://alt.com We set it up so that Lingerie night would morph into a late night, old school Vegas glam outing to The Bellagio. You know what they say about Vegas, it doesn’t start happening until at least midnight or later, and we proved that theory as our two ultra stretch limos rolled up to The Trop promptly at 12:05am for the freshly changed from lingerie to the mega-glammed out hotties of the WildSide. We toured the town for a couple of hours, stopping here and there for some “refreshments” before making our final stop at the gorgeous Bellagio. That “official” group was hosting an event there, and we thought it would be cool to go over a drop a few jaws in all our glammed out finery at two in the morning. The event was much less exciting than we had imagined it would be. Lord knows what it would have been like if we HADN’T shown up! When a group as electric as ours gets out & about, the current is flowing and plugs are being sparked! We must have been on all cylinders because one of our own was rather unceremoniously and comically “thrown out” of the event for not being “appropriately dressed”, whatever that meant. In typical WildSide fashion, our Am-Ba gave them a good giggle, which really got them going, cause after that she became the first tg ever “banned” for a certain event in the desert. We were all so proud!!!

We looked and felt surprisingly good the following morning, considering what we had been putting our bodies through. About eight of us were heading down for some breakfast when a very familiar face came down our hallway. It was none other than writer and party planner extraordinaire, the fabulous Miss Marlayna Lacie. She was looking for one of our group who was going to do a photo shoot at Libertine that afternoon. Marlayna, as it turned out was old friends with one of our girls, Cami from the Queen Mary days. I, of course knew of her from her days when she published “TV Epic”, which was a very inspirational publication to me, so I was just thrilled when she said she’d join us for breakfast. We had a grand old time and I got to thank a real icon of the community for all her work, which was one of the highlights of my trip!

I had mentioned in passing that we needed to make a stop at Studio Lites for a last minute garter belt. Marlayna graciously offered to meet us over there and snap a few shots of us for a story she was doing on Studio Lites. What do you think we would say when Marlayna Lacie asks a bunch of cameraly wenches if they wanna pose for some pics at a hot lingerie boutique? What time and what do we wear?! We hooked up with her at Studio Lites and clicked off about 25-30 shots. It was a really wonderful experience meeting Marlayna! It was the cherry on top when she asked us if we wanted to be in TRANSFORMATION, but best of all, we had made a really cool new friend. Another special trip highlight for us!

Friday night’s fetish party picked up right where the lingerie party had left off. This night was fabulous even by our standards. In my opinion, it was the best party we had ever thrown. We had naughty nurses, and dom cops and we even had an award for the Diva of All Divas, which went to a really wonderful girl who brought gaming at the Trop to a stand still with her Playmate bunny costume. We had enough “refreshments” & snacks to stock a small bar for at least four days. We even came up with our own special cocktail that we called the “glowing school girl”. It’s just Rockstar energy drink and vodka. It got its name from the outfits we wore through the Sahara casino in ’07, and the fact that Rockstar is like fluorescent when you see it out of the can. It also comes in really handy when you are running on an average of 4 hours sleep a night!

This night however, we didn’t need any stimulant to get charged up because we had two VIP cabanas rented out at Club Piranha. Piranha is a hot lil nightspot where celebs pop up from time to time. Everyone chipped in and we had exclusive access all over the club! The WildSide was getting wild and we danced and groped our way to the break of dawn.

A definite buzz was swirling around the group over the “Tranny Love” event at Libertine. Everyone was out the door in their heels & pvc by 11pm. It sounded like a great time. I say sounded because I lost my coin purse with my id, credit cards and money in a cab. So I spent the night chasing taxis and trying to speak to cab folk on the phone until 4:30am on a Sunday morning.

After a restless few hours of “sleep” I awoke to deal with the mess that is losing all your stuff. Cancelling the cards, figuring out ID, all that fun stuff. Well, as I’m on hold with my bank, I got a call from the auto club telling me that the cabbie found my purse!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have kissed him, but he probably would have fallen over. Instead I gave him a nice reward and some good WildSide karma, thank you Mr. Girhman! We spent our last day out by the pool at The Trop. It was a perfect way to end seven glam pack days of fun and more fun in Sin City.

It was EXTREMELY hard to start saying goodbye to people. We had bonded into this unbelievably close network of friends and it just seemed way too soon to be already saying goodbyes to these people we had so quickly come to adore.

As I look back on our Sin City Soiree, the memories all seem to blur together, but the one thing that stands out crystal clear is the fact that Nikki & I did what we had set out to do. Show people a time they’d never forget. Mission accomplished, Sista!! The heartfelt gratitude we got from everyone was overwhelming, and it touched us right to the core. But what people didn’t realize is that without them, this was just Gina & Nikki’s vacation, but with them, it was THE WildSide rocking Vegas with enough memories and pictures to hopefully hold us until next year!!

Viva WildSide!

Nikki says...
Such memories !!! And, sis,you describe them in a way that makes them as fresh and vivid as if they happened yesterday.
And thanks for the personal sentiments, thats why i love ya so.

Your motivation for being a key organizer of the annual Viva soirees is evident in your writing too, a heartfelt desire to create an environment where others can experience the same thing you experienced,
- a feeling of cameraderie/sisterhood ( being surrounded by friends who love and support you, and have your back no matter what),
- the feeling of empowerment ( being able to be who you want to be ( for more than just a few hours), go where you want to go, do what you want to do , without feeling self concious or fear of recrimination
- and, creating bonds of friendship that could last a lifetime , (and if they're lucky, discovering a sister soulmate)

Tricia says...
wow Gina, what a romp down memory lane. Last year was such an eye opener for me and I met so many wonderful new friends, I can't wait until this year's party. See you soon beautiful

Tina says...
Too cool for words Gina - see you soon. xxTina

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:58 pm

Michelle says...
I’m a new member. I just posted my Intro on the New Member thread. For those who have not read it, I will repeat the part that is most relevant to Viva Vegas:

“Assuming I am welcome, I hope to meet some Wild Side members at Viva Vegas in May. Oh my, it could be so great. Please encourage me to come.”

Due to my inexperience, I’m a little nervous about showing up alone and uninvited at Viva Vegas. I was in Las Vegas last week on other business and didn’t feel the least bit nervous. But meeting all of you for the first time would be way different! And, as I said in my ALT profile, I’ve never dressed. In fact the first time I even thought about dressing was a few weeks ago. Now that I HAVE thought about it, the whole idea gets sexier every day. It takes my attraction to Tgirls to a whole new level. I don’t have a Tgirl persona yet. I don’t have any Tgirl clothes and stuff yet. I’m in the closet except to myself and ALT.com, and soon I hope, the Wild Siders in Vegas.

Michelle (for now)

Nikki says...
A couple of points for those checking intothe Trop to make special note of.

We're VIPs at the Trop and as such, check in at the GOLD DESK , you'll see it when you get there, next door to the main check in counter.
So, got that, check in at the GOLD DESK.

When you check in, ask to register for the Players Card. The Players Card gets you perks IF you gamble, but you dont HAVE to gamble.

A perk you WILL GET just for registering for the Players Card, is a book of coupons worth $250, so you might as well register for the card.

Nikki says...
I just realized that a previous post of mine was disallowed because of " solicitation"
"that wasnt solicitation, Alt !! You aint seen me solicit unless you've been hanging around a certain corner on the gay stroll !!! "

anyway, here is the post with the dollar amounts changed

Ahhhhhh yes, sittin' by the pool
As fun as all the bars and clubs and drinking is, some of the best times last year were just lying by the pool, basking in the rays, drinking Margaretas, frolicking in the pool with John
As Gina mentioned, the hotel is throwing in a free cabana on Thursday, regular cost is a hundred, so we wont have to worry about trying to make space for ourselves or rounding up loungers, we'll have our own space and chairs already set aside.
Btw, the Trop has many pools but the one where our cabana is is adults only, so you wont have to worry about any screaming kids.

Also, the Alexandra Salon in the hotel is giving us 10% off, it;s a hair salon but also do manis, pedis, facials etc. For a hoel their prices are quite reasonable. Other hotel salons I checked into charge forty, fifty, sixty for a manicure, Alexandra charges thirty. Their pedi prices are a little closer to the average, their basic pedi priced at fifty five ( other hotels sixty five to seventy five ). Most of their facials ( different types to pick from) are around a hundred to a hundred fifty.
Gina and I will be getting mani & pedi on Tuesday.
Anyway, if you want to pamper yourself, identify yourself as a Wild Sider and you'll get %10 off, ( its not much but it subsidizes the tip)

Copper says...
You can soooo sign me up for a pedi!! and yay, VIP's thats going to be nice. I still have to get out of the garden and into the princess tower once I arrive so I will go to the Golden Booth!

with the snow pelting me this morning on my run I couldn't help but drift off into thoughts of Vegas and sun, and pools, and warmth damn it! sniff, i need a warm hug !

Jennifer says...
Tryin to avoid readin this Vegas Thread .. Just makes a gal wanna say 'Fuck It " and go

Nikki says...
well then, Jenn, c'mon, ..... you know you have never been one for self-denial
if there's something you wanna do, then DO IT !

MichelleTG67 says...
Hi all, I'm not sure where I need to post this, but I am confirmed, flying in May 11 leaving May 14th..

Have a room booked... and I am looking forward to the fun - now to go shopping so I have everything I need while I am there.



Nikki says...
Great News Michelle !!!, only sorry you have to leave so early. There will be 5 or 6 of us there by Monday the 11th, so be sure to get a hold of us as soon as you get in.
Gina, Lola and I are going to the Cirque/Beatles show LOVE on Monday nite. We'll be going for drinks after ( about 11:00),
ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SEE LOVE, GET YOUR TICKETS, even if our tickets arent together. we can go together , then meet after the show for drinks.
YOU'LL NOT REGRET IT, if you like the Beatles , you'll LOVE Cirque's interpretation

Tuesday were mani/pedi-ing in the salon at the Trop in the afternoon and thinking of seeing the drag show at Flex in the evening.
Wednesday is our lingerie evening.

Hope you'll be able to join us on some or all of our events, Michelle
see you soon

Gina says...
quote jennifercums:Try to avoid readin this Vegas Thread .. Just makes a gal wanna say 'Fuck It " and go

That's the whole idea, Jen!!! Did you see that we are gonna have a risque game of Truth or Dare on Lingerie Nite? One of my dares was going to be..."OK, you gotta suck Jen's gorgeous thang for 10 minutes straight." When everyone looks around like I'm crazy, I'd have you pop out of a convenient hiding place and pull out that master piece!

OOOOOOOO, did I say that out loud???

On a side note, sorry I've been kinda invisible lately. I've had a lot of activity swirling around me the last few days, with another day or two of invisibility on the way, but all should be calmed down by Saturday night!

Jennifer says...
Gina Ohhhhh I'd do that ...For the "convenient hiding place "...How about under your Maria Antoinette hoop skirt. That would surely have me ready for my entrance. Truth is I've only had 2 Wild Sider's enjoy me...Hi Winnie and Stacie ..But that number could probably increase out there with that balmy dessert air at night inspiring us to commit concupiscent acts ..
Gina I'll private message you or Nikki soon and give ya where I'm at as far as attending

Brit says...
ok well it's just around the corner?

how many people are driving? or renting cars?
I'm driving over from LA.

I'll be booking my room soon lol what's the tower of choice for us?


Nikki says...
We'll be in the Paradise Tower, Brit
We have a couple of cars, that I know of, but our numbers keep expanding so the more vehicles, the better.
See you soon, honey

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:07 pm

By now you've probably seen that the main WildSide board on Alt had a lil drama over the weekend, but everything looks to be back in order now, except Nikki's nikkibell id has still been banned scratch So keep this site saved just in case we have any other issues. Oh yeah...feel free to look around! Wink

In the meantime, here are the latest posts from the Alt board...

Nikki says...
I came to WS this morning to find ..............our Planning Thread was GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

this, after I spent 2 hours yesterday combining a dozen different posts to create one that showed, in an easy to read manner, the details of the hotel, itinerary, partys and attendees !!!

but, thankfully, I was able to click on postsbeneath my photo and my posts within the original thread was there

so, we'll start a new one and I'll re-copy and paste the post(s) from yesterday and hopefully all will be well with the world again.

fucking Alt

Nikki says...

While, throughout the week groups of us will no doubt be hooking up and going for dinner together, G & I wanted to schedule one Special Group Dinner, and what is more Vegas than Liberace? Liberace's Restaurant (Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens) is an upscale Italian restaurant with decor typical of what you might expect from Liberace herself. G's going to reserve a large "banquet " type room.

VIP Nite at Piranha Nite Club
We went here last year. For about $30 a person we'll get the VIP treatment, .... that's no waiting in line, no 20 dollar cover charge, and special rooms (though small, were trying to get 3) on the second floor that have balconys that over look the dance floor, .... oh yeah, and all you can drink for free! Piranha's has the two levels of nite club and also the connected 8 1/2 lounge, so there is plenty room & opportunity to roam around and check out the sights


Saturday day ( late day no doubt after Friday nite ) G and I plan on spending some time recuperating in the sunshine by the pool in the afternoon.

Saturday nite

Last year, Saturday was a lil bit of a scattered evening, and we are still listening to ideas for this years Saturday Night. What we have cooked up so far is what we are calling our Sleazy Saturday. Which just basically means we are going to hit the town in our raunchiest, as far as you wanna take it-type outfits and basically just go club hopping. The night will prolly start (as usual) at VWS Party Central and our first stop will be the famous or infamous (depending on your point of view ) Las Vegas Lounge. The LVL is basically Vegas's tranny hoochie/hooker bar. They've got TGirl go-go dancers, and it's pretty much a dive, but we've always had a really fun time there, so the thought process was that since we are in our sluttiest attire, we'd fit right in!

This still isn't totally set in stone (but it's close), and if someone has a better idea of what to do, we're all ears!


Thats basically it, we didnt want to over schedule, trying to leave enough free time for everybody ( and us !! ) to do some of the things that they want to do on their own or in smaller groups.

Remember to leave some time for shopping, ( Diva week see's two tranny clothing stores, Glamour Boutique and Studio Lites having open houses pretty much all week long), pampering ( mani/pedis) , suntanning by the pool, siteseeing ( G and I are going to do a photo shoot of us at various LV landmarks), gambling ( we'll likely arrange, at least once, an afternoon or a late nite when we'll all take over a couple of blackjack tables and gamble as a group) etc etc etc

ummm, thats aboot everything I can think of for now, ...... ladies and gentlemen, start your tanning booths, and plan your wardrobes, and see ya in about a month!

Nikki says...
Hi kids, it me
Guess i been a baaaaad girl )
seems Alt kicked me off the site, havent figured out why yet, they didnt tell me just deleted my profile. While we get this figured out , hang in there, Viva Vegas is still very much on !!!!!!!!!!!!!
If they shut down Wild Side do as G said, g to her site for the latest updates.
See ya soon

Jen says...
The logic (or lack of same) by those who manage alt is baffling. I was enjoying the thread that was deleted and getting to know some of the people through the postings to seriously consider re-activiating my account here - instead, I'm convinced that to do so would be a complete waste of money.

Can't wait to see everyone in Vegas.

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:53 pm

Highlights from 4/14 - 4/20...

Kim says...
On Sunday I was stunned to see the Wild Side had disappeared. I thought, oh my god, what has Nikkibel done? Is she being punished for sending too many emails? Or, perhaps some hacker has launched an attack on the Wild Side? I went to bed that night wondering if the Wild Side had existed only in my imagination. I dreamt of arriving at the Tropicana on May 11 only to discover they had never heard of the Wild Side.

I guess I over-reacted, because by Monday night, you had all reappeared!

In my New Member Introduction of 3/30/09 I signed as "Michelle." I love the name Michelle but very soon I discovered that "Kim" was the best girl name for me. I changed my ALT handle to KimCD.

Look forward to meeting all of you for the first time at VWS.


Janie says...
I am completely confused about what's been going on here... I saw the old thread was marked "denied" but it was and still is accessible to me. Anyhow, mark me down as not crazy about the way this place (alt) is run either.

Nikki, well of course that makes me all the more excited to meet you in person... and that's in less than 4 weeks!

What a bad-ass group this is... first someone gets thrown out of a bar, now someone is kicked off a website... What's next?

CiCi says...

For those so inclined, we've planned a fun outing to the POWER EXCHANGE dungeon club on Thursday night. I've been in touch with the ownership and was surprised to find that the PE is not only tgirl friendly, it's tgirl-owned!! I wanted to hit them up for some kind of group rate or discount, but tgirls are already admitted for FREE. so slip into your latex or leather and join us for a spanking good time.

you can check out the Power Exchange at their online site of the same name. they do have some strict rules that everyone should be aware of:

1. No cell phones, cameras or recording devices.
2. Do not turn off the lights.
3. No touching without permission.
4. No loud talking, laughing, or rude behavior while sex scenes are occuring.
5. No solicitation of any type.
6. No alchol or drugs allowed and no sleeping.
7. Please clean up after yourself.

obviously, rebels that we are, we'd all like to make up our own rules! but i'm sure we can abide by all of the above and still have an amazing time.

see you there!


Nikki says...
Janie, do you remember the girls who were always being hauled into the principal's office for smoking in the girl's washroom? Or the chicks that hung around with the "bad boys"?
That was us

If your like Olivia Newton John at the beginning of Grease now, you'll be OLN at the END of Grease after Viva !!

StephanieRene says...
Hey Niki and girls! No one should be shy about going in the PE in Vegas. It is a vast improvement over the one they had in San Francisco. I have many tgirl friends that frequent the PE in Vegas often. Niki, I would not have a problem if our whole group decided to dump ALT and just use the website. I've had my share of difficulties with ALT too!

I also know of several gals coming up from AZ that I am encouraging to join your other website and rsvp for various events. Figure the more the merrier!

Would anyone have any interest in professional makeovers from Stephanie Williams (Danderson)? She is fantastic and I plan to shuttle any girls that want to go over to her place. Heck, if we get enough interest, maybe we could get her to come to your suite?

xoxo, Steph

Donna says...
Hi, Nikki; are newcomer's welcome? I am going to be in Las Vegas from the 3rd until the end of summer.... I would like to attend on one of the nights to drop in and say hello and hang out in one of the clubs.. do I need a special invite or can I simply show and hope to be let in?

Nikki says...
Hi Donna
Wild Side Viva and it's events are open to any Wild Sider so sure your welcome.
Drop Gina a message and let her know what nites you'd like to join in too.


Donna says...
Thank you, Nikki.. Will do; Prolly the last two nights of the event.. Friday & Saturday the 15th and 16th most likely, but Friday the 15th for sure as I will be working through the my first week there. Thanks again and I can't wait as I look forward to saying hi and meeting all the wonderful people from here... Kisses, Donna..

Gina says...
Hey Y'all,

Just a note for all you fence sitters out there that you only have three days left to book your room at The Trop under the WildSide group plan. Give The Trop a call and give them our name of the group rate code, which is...SWIL509! We can't guarantee if you'll be able to get the same rate after the 20th, so get movin'!!!


Wonderful to have you along! It's going to be a blast!!

Nikki says...
Thelma, be careful about using THAT hotel name,
You know the powers that be frown on that sort of thing , perhaps from now on we call it THE hotel, and the club that has a name like those nasty little fishes that eat you alive, THE club .

Lowell says...
Hi Gina, I talked with Tricia and hopefully will be there this year. I am in the Phoenix area now so its closer. Where is everyone staying?

Tina says...
Hello All, go to You Tube go to tinarocks247 and watch last years party party party Vegas 08. Sorry for taking forever. See you all soon. xxxTina

Nikki says...
we're ate the same place as last year, but you've only got today and tomorrow ( Monday) to get booked at our present rate. Better get on the phone. Details are on the previous page

Nikki says...
oh, I see that all my posts, the ones previously posted and allowed with hotel details, intinerary, party details, have all been removed.
Best go to Gina's Wild Side West site for details

Gina says...
Hey y'all,

Jus wanted to let you know that you can now get your VWS swag on!! I made up a bunch of "stuff, things and junk" that can be worn or used on various body parts!

I'm all paranoid now after Nikki's ordeal, so if you just go to WildSideWest I'll have all the info going there!

Do come check it out though, there is some pretty kewl stuff there, if I do say so myself!

Tricia says...
very cool Gina. I was hoping to get some kind of fun swag booty to show I had actually been here. My memory doesn't play fair sometimes. Thanks to you and Louise for all the hard work both of you have put out in the pursuit of the ultimate tgirl party. It won't be long now.

Tina says...
Thx Gina and Nikki, well I am bringing my tiny camera this year so it will always be on me - see u all soon. I suppose there are lots of stories we can all tell about last year but one of mine favorites is ....... I arrived at Vegas airport sure that when I walked into the Tropicana you would be milling around waiting for us all to arrive (well something like that) so not wishing to meet you all as him I got into a limo (wasn't much more $ than a taxi!) and got happily chatting to the driver. I asked him to pull into a motel. Now up and until then it had been polite chat. After 3/4hr I walked out of the motel to the waiting limo as Tina. His look was priceless - he ran over grabbed my bags and said 'Anytime you need anything just holler here is my card oh and my home number etc etc. Even better was the look of the cleaning ladies who had now formed a goodbye committee. Sometimes being Tina is just so much fun. See you all soon. xxxT

Nikki says...
we are DEFINATELY going to have to make a real effort to catch bits and pieces of ALL the festivities this year, Teen', and edit it together into a really fabulous memory

G, that place is so kewl, the way we can make our own stuff. I'm gonna get a Viva-Fevah Spaghetti Tank in pink

Fair warning, everyone, you are going to be the focus of our cameras at every gorgeous turn, and the 12 best pics we take will be made into the Viva Fevah 2009 calendar !!!!!!

Gina says...

That is so awesome you are bringing video! I know people seem to get kinda quiet when the camera comes out. Thank gawd we don't have that issue!!

Lou Lou,
Thanx The store did come out pretty kewl, if I do say so myself. I'm getting the "I Caught Viva-Fevah Women's Cap Sleeve T".

As for making a calendar, that's really very easy!! I made one through one of the big chain drug stores for Nikki as a x-mas gift last year! They have everything on their page set up for ya, all you need to do is just drop in the pictures, it's mega simple! The HARD part is going to pick 40-50 pix from the HUNDREDS we'll have from everyone!

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:19 am

The latest from WS Central...

Tricia says...
I'm thinking we have a Wild Side Conga line that snakes it's way thru the party suite and have it filmed with cameo spots for those girls who just happen to have a fetish for posing in front of a camera

Glenda says...
Nikki and Gina, it seems like the VWS group is outgrowing alt. I see alt playing a smaller role in the future, maybe as a referral, and the wildsidewest site becoming the main focus. Only 3 weeks to go! I have stepped up my diet and exercise regimen, completed all my shopping except for a couple of loose ends, and will be ready to partay. Viva Las Vegas!....BTW..... Trivia..... the three most popular recordings of the song Viva Las Vegas were recorded by Elvis, ZZ Top, and the Dead Kennedys. Alot of jukeboxes in Las Vegas have all 3 recordings. xoxoxo, Glenda

Nikki says...
LOL, Good Idea Tric' La Cukaracha , La Cukaracha

Glenda, I started tanning about a month ago, up to 14 minutes now, and today noticed my tan line is starting to show

also started doing sit ups, and first I couldnt do them with hands behind head, HAD to extend my arms out front ( pretty pathetic, huh) But I'm doin' hands behind head now !!!!

Oh, btw, for any that havent booked yet, THE HOTEL has extended our current rates til May 1

Gina says...

It seems like VWS is outgrowing everything! It's a living, breathing thing now!

You are like totally reading my mind, my diet and exercise regimen is now in full force as well! I've done some necessity shopping, but I plan on getting some big ol shopping time in with my Sixx once we hit LV!

If you want a kick ass Viva Las Vegas tune, check out the instrumental by Johnny Ramone, Danny B. Harvey & Slim Jim Phantom. It's got that Dick Dale twangy, surfy thang going, it totally rawks!

Erik says...
Amy, fear not, barring a comet smacking earth there will be an event next year too! ( And I hope for the next 100 years! Not that I plan to be around that long mind you )

You've found us now, and soon you'll get to hear all these gals coming back talking about all the great fun they had, and how they met so-and-so who was too cool, and all that.... rev'ving you up for next year!


Colleen says...
Now I don't remember which tower you've said most of the Wildside organizers will be staying in.

But as I was driving, I heard on the radio this morning that there will be some kind of plumbing rennovation in the Paradise Tower and that for now, a few hundred rooms are closed. Might be open by Divas time, or maybe we'll be in a different tower.

I plan to use my timeshare for Mon-Tues-Weds, and will see if I can get a room at our group rates for Thurs/Fri/Sat.

see you!

Nikki says...
Col, yes, we are in the Paradise Tower
well, those of us already having reservations shouldnt be affected but for those that havent yet, it might be a problem. Anyone that hasnt reserved yet better get on it ( our rates have been extended to May 1 ).

Major Announcement

The plumbing problems in the Paradise Tower DO affect us.
All of us who have been booked into the Paradise Tower are being moved into the Island Tower.

What does this mean to us?
Well, the Island Tower is 20 bux a day cheaper, so were all saving a little cash but in what other ways it affects us I'm not sure yet.
Been burning up the keyboards yesterday between Jaylene and myself getting info.
Other than the fact that neither Gina nor I have ever been in the Island Tower so we dont know what its like, there doesnt seem to be any other disadvantage.
Will keep you all posted as I get more details.
The important thing to note is, for those that havent booked yet, book into the Island Tower, and our Island Tower rates are still in place til May 1!

Gina says...
As far as I recall, no one has ever stayed in the Island Tower. Only the Garden Rooms and the Paradise, but from what Nikki was telling me, they sound pretty good. They have jacuzzi's and steams, the rooms are bigger than in the Paradise, and we still have a 'refreshment" area, so that's all positive.

I'll post the article about the Paradise closure and other stuff over at WSW, but I don't think this will be that big of a deal. In fact, it could be a total non-issue, if they get things squared away in the Paradise in a couple of weeks.

Gina L. says...
Hey Nikki,

It might be a good thing. Jaylene might be able to arrange the entire WS group in the same floor.

Little G

Ed says...
Hi Nikki I made reservations hun and will be there this year, I also am willing to help out if anyone can't afford the room rate; they can stay with me for free. I can't wait to meet all my wonderful friends. Thanks.

Nikki says...
your right, baby G, that is one of the things we've been talking about. While she said she'd do her best to put us close together before, she is more than ever anxious to keep us happy and is pulling out all the stops she can to arrange exactly that, having a Wild Side floor
Also pushing for another cabana day, preferably Saturday, their most popular and most expensive day.

She is between a rock and a hard place though, me pulling from one side and her bosses (wanting to stay within accepted procedures) pulling from the other.
We'll see how it goes

Divinyl says...
Well I can tell you folks that I DID indeed stay in the Island Tower , but it was in 1990, My first trip to Sin City for a business convention. I think that was in the Pre-Paradise Tower days. A few observations...

I think some of the knocks I have read in the guest feedback comments available on sites like hotels.com and expedia, are based on little to nothing having been done to the rooms in ages. The pictures pretty well bear that out. The furniture looks identical to My trip in 1990, so we can expect the condition of things to be a little 'long in the tooth'. I can handle a 'mystery stain' on the carpet here or there, but if I find 'boogers on the sheets' as I read in one review....I WILL be calling the desk, and you should as well!!

Personally, I liked the room when I stayed there. A very tropical feel to it....lot of bamboo and rattan. Mirrors over your bed if you are kinky in that way. ( I am sure no one on this group qualifies for that!! They did seem larger if my memory holds true.

Much closer proximity to the pool as I recall...thats a good thing as it was quite a hike from the Paradise Tower.

Like all hotels in Vegas, there is no such thing as a short distance between two points, so keep in mind that you should consider bringing a large handbag to carry your heels in and wear something comfy on the death march from The Island Tower to the front entrance of the casino. Over five or so days....most of us only have so many spiked heel steps in us, and best to save them for when and where it counts.

What I think I will miss most in this change is the party suite in the Paradise Tower. I just can't imagine we are going to score that KILLER VIEW floor to ceiling of New York, New York. God I will miss that!!

But when you get lemons....you either make lemonade or sit around sucking sour lemons with a sour puss. I'll pack some sugar..or in My case Splenda!



Gina says...
D is totally right, in that I think we will all miss our lil party central and that awesome view, but we may have jacuzzi's & steam showers this time, so I'll take that trade. Speaking of views D, do you recall what the view was like from the Island Tower?

I'm sure everything won't be 1,000% perfect. I mean, it is an older wing of an older hotel, but I'm actually kinda jazzed about trying out the Island Tower. I like the kinda-kitschy, old school tropical look of their rooms. The Trop likes us and I don't like they would steer us wrong.

OH YEAH, also...I just received my VWS shirt!! I've got to say, it looks pretty, pretty, pretty damn good. How it stands up to washing and all that is another story, but the shirt is quality & looks FAB, and delivery was lightning quick. I ordered on like Tuesday.

Tricia says...
Maybe I missed it somewhere in all the excitement about having to move our area of operations to the Island Tower, but will there still be a party suite for our lingerie and fetish parties, not to mention someplace to congregate and rave about how great the night before was, while mixing Bloody Marys?

Gina says...
Never fear, Tricia-doll! The VWS party central suite will be raving and mixing bloody mary's as usual!

Nikki says...
Tric, ist beginning to look like the Party Central will even be bigger and better than last year.
If you recall, ( and anyone that has seen Tina's video ) though I wouldnt say we were packed in our suite on party nites last year, it would certainly qualify as crowded. I was worried how we were going to handle it with TWICE as many WSers this year.
The suite in the Island Tower is actually 150 sq ft larger than the suite in the Paradise Tower AND they have connecting suites ( Paradise only has suites connecting to rooms, not suites connecting to suites) and we may take that connecting suite also, so we'll have HUGE AMOUNTS of room for our partys . So that would be a total of about 1500 sq ft compared to last years 650

Celeb partys dont get any better than that !!!

That awesome arrangement combined with , as you pointed out, us virtually taking over the entire 2nd floor of Piranha, this year we truly are going to party like RAWK STARS !!!!!!

Also, anyone that hasnt visited the Wild Side MySpace site, you GOTTA Go !!!!
There are two hella kewl videos there, the one Tina taped last year at the Hollywood Glam Nite, and the one Gina put together with still set to music.
If you havent seen them, you dont know what your missing !!!!

Another thing not to miss, ... go to Gina's WSW and you'll find a link there to the Wild Side Swag Shop. There are all kinds of Viva shirt styles, designs and colors to pick from, ...if your coming to Vegas, you dont want to be without a Viva t/tank/cami shirt and if your not coming, ... well too bad, but you can still feel like part of the celebrations by picking one up.

Stephanie says...
Nikki and Gina,
Once I'm checked in at the Trop, how will I find out the room number of the WS Suite? What time will the lingerie party start? Also, what can or should I bring to the suite? Please let me know how I can help.. Can't wait to meet you gals on Lingerie Night!


Gina says...
Hey Steph,

We are hoping to have our room numbers before we get into town on Monday. (We already had our room numbers, but that was before the problem in the Paradise Tower. Nikki is working on getting our Island Tower room numbers as we speak!) If that doesn't happen, for sure we'll post the rooms here on Monday afternoon. If that doesn't work for ya, I'll be registered under Gina Mylano, so when you check in (remember we check in at the Gold Desk), just ask what room I'm in and ask to be put as close to us as possible and that should work for you.

The Lingerie Party will start about 9pm. Last year, we we're starting our parties at like 7:30pm (what the hell we're we thinking? ), but that was putting too much of a crimp in people's dining plans, so we decided to start the parties a lil later, so around 9ish is fine.

As for bringing stuff, munchies are always welcomed, and we are using the time honored method of "BYOB". We'll have a couple of bottles of liquid refreshments on hand, but we'd ask that you bring a bottle or two of your fave "adult beverage & mixers" or if you aren't a drinker, some soft drinks or water would be appreciated as well.

We will have a lil photo area set up, so if you wanna get some hot lingerie shots with your own camera, you might want to bring that along. And we'll more than likely be hitting the town after the party, so you'll want to have an outfit picked out that you could just run back to your room and do a quick change.

Thanx for the help offer, Hun! I'm sure as we get closer to the big event, we'll think of other stuff, but the moment, what I mentioned before is prolly all you'll need.

One other small thing I just thought of is for everyone to try and remember to toss some blank computer discs or a USB flash drive in your bag. We will have a couple of laptops available and since we'll all of course have TONS of photos, by bringing some blank discs, we can burn everyone's shots to share, so when it's time to leave LV you'll have ALL the hot shots! I think last year I left with at least 6 discs full of pix.

Nikki says...
Yup, what Gina said.

We'll try to post our room number here in advance, if not, even though they'll try to put you close to us if you ask, (I'm trying to get them to set aside a floor) they may not actually give you our room number but the switchboard woud put through your call to us by asking for us by name. (Gina Mylano and Nikki Belange)

Gold Desk check-in is for those who booked under the Wild Side name. Those who booked under other deals ( Travelocity, Orbits, hotel promo deal, airline etc), the Gold Desk wont have your name, you'll have to do the regular desk.

True of all our parties,
snacks ( chips & dip/crackers & cheeze/veggies & dip, taco chips and salsa, those kinda things) would be appreciated, but just like one bag or box , dont go crazy, last year Gina and I bought a barrel of snacks early in the week and we still have stuff left when we left.

And of course, your refreshments.

re: change of clothes, you could always change in our room.

Hope your all "cameraly wenches" like Gina and I 'cause photo shoots are a big part of all the partys.

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:20 am

More Latest...

Stephanie says...
Thanks Nikki and Gina. I figured you would post your suite number on here when you can. I will definately bring munchies and other liquid refreshments. Afer all, that is only fair. As for being camera shy, not this girl!

See you all there. Oh, I will have my vehicle so making a run somewhere will not be an issue. Just ask!

Divinyl says...
Hey girls...

Meant to bring this up earlier, but better late than never. If no one has issues, I would like to once again set up My laptop and quick cam in the party suite, somewhere up on the bar area. This was an idea in its infancy last year and I know we can do a much better job with it this year.
As you may or may not know I am a Pro Domme and I do occasionally hop onto various chatrooms on here, enable My cam and 'grow an audience'. It works remarkably well and is voice enabled so no typing is necessary. And now we can do this within the confines of The Wildside Group so it will be exclusive to our members.

I invested in a vastly improved cam last fall and the clarity is quite remarkable. It seemed to work flawlessly the other night...you can simply see the text of viewers pop up and any of can then respond via the enabled mic feature.

I am very sensitive to the fact and sad that many of our 'sisters' cannot attend this year for one reason or another. Some we met last year and will certainly be missed. Seems this is a good way to include them at the parties and let them share vicariously in the fun.

Unlike last year, I will be sure to have things set up no later than 9:30 any given party night, so those of you stuck at home or on the road can tune in and view the goings on and chat away with us.

Lemme know what you think. I DO realize that there are some of you who might feel queasy about being broadcast, but since it would be exclusive to our own group chat page, I hope that would ease your concerns.


Nikki says...
Di, we are COUNTING on it !!!!
In fact, you wont be the only one, Jeannette( by nite) is bringing a lot of her equipment ( pro stuff).
Of course there are likely to be many with video cams ( Tina mentioned she was going to use hers a lot more this year than last) so we'll have lots of video records of our soirees.
Having two suites now, perhaps will have the streamiing video equipment in one and anyone who cannot be seen in a video can simply join the party in the other suite. If there are none who object then we can broadcast from both suites.
Anyone who would be in jeopardy by having their image broadcast or recorded let Gina or me know, we'll understand.

Ms. Di, I'm bringing my lap top and thought we'd use it to download pics from cameras and burn cds, but I just did a test and find that I cant copy to a cd, can we use your lap top for that purpose?
Who else will be bringing a laptop ?

Other Busniess
Ashley asked me about the swap meet and why it wasnt on the itinerary. We started this last year and I, for one, got some fab stuff. What happens is this, if you have anything clothes, shoes , jewlery etc. at home that you dont wear anymore but that someone else could get good use from, bring it along. We set aside a corner of the suite and put everything there and, throughout the week, anyone who wants something takes it. Thats why its not on the itinerary, cause its there all the time.
Dont be shy about taking something, thats why its there, someone went through the trouble of hauling it across country because they hoped another girl would get some use from it.

special note, the swap meet area will be well marked, and it WONT be my closet LOL, I make special note of that cause I found someone ( not a Wild Sider) snooping through my bedroom closet last year!

Also, I was talking with someone recently when
they said " ya know, I think I'll skip the whole pool thing, ..... "> I really cant see myself in a womans bathing suit"
we said " then come in boy mode with a boy suit"
they said " Really ???? I thought it was kind of a 24/7 en femme thing "
we said " NO !!!!! NOT AT ALL !!!! We've had many people in the last few years who switched back and forth between girl and boy mode, depending on the circumstances, surroundings etc. If your uncomfortable doing something in girl mode, then do it as a boy"

Just wanted to make that clear,
and were sorry if we gave anyone a different impression

Kay says...
WOW, so much to comment on, so little time. Kudos to Nikki for resolving the change of tower issue. Sounds like two adjoining suites is better for us anyway. Pics, vids, webcast. How cool is that? I predict the problem won't be girls hiding from the cam, but rather competing for vamp time in front of it ..

Steph, good to know you will have wheels. I have been wondering if it would be a good idea for me to rent a van. On the one hand, it would be a convenient way for a bunch of girls to get around. On the other hand it requires someone to be the designated driver. The last thing I need is a DUI in Vegas. If there is a non-drinker among us, I'd be happy to rent the vehicle. Sharing cabs is the other option. Nikki and Gina, from your experience last year, what do you think is the best way to handle transportation? Can't wait to meet you all.

Nikki says...
Yup, Kay, what started as a negative is turning into a huge positive for us

re; transportation

for nitetime adventures

most places we travel to are a relatively short distance.
splitting the cost of a cab between , say, four people in it, is nothing.
with cabs you have no worrys
cabbing it is the way to go

for daytime excursions

Gina and I have a few plans for some daytime adventures, we're thankful for Lola's offer of joining us and driving. For daytime
expeditions ( shopping, site seeing etc ) WSers with cars will be very much appreciated.

Tricia says...
Wow, it sounds like our tower change will be for the better and Divinyl, the live camming of our party was great fun. As for daytime transportation issues, I know I'll be driving as will most of the S. Cal contingent so hopefully we won't have any issues there, but ya never know. Ladies, it's almost time, Viva le Wild Side

Lola says...
Oh Wow! There's A Lot going on! and Time is Short, man! Today is the first that I heard of the 'Tower Situation'. I need to call the Trop & change my res. Maybe since its in the Island Tower I can go for a Major Upgrade in the room.

Nikki, I would Gladly drive anyone anywhere. But the back seats in my car are more of a 'Suggestion' than anything practical of comfortable to actually sit in. Unless of course one has detachable legs.

Yesterday, I bought my first Swim Suit! Its a Black one-piece. I tried it on and I was prepared to be disappointed with my reflection in the mirror. I'm happy to report that I was Pleasantly Surprised at the result.

Gawd! In Two more weeks at this time I should be speeding along the desert highway, 'Tunes Blaring, towards Las Vegas! YAY!

Nikki says...
Oh yeah, you guys, because they are shutting down parts of the Paradise Tower to redo the plumbing problem, they are automatically moving everyone over to the Island Tower. You dont need to phone and have it done cause they pretty much have to do it anyway.

Also, I will take some pride in this announcement...a drum roll please

The hotel is tossing us another bone, we have a second cabana day !!!! And not just any old day, but the most popular and most expensive day of the week, Saturday. now this is quite somethin' for the hotel to do, there are only 3 or 4 cabanas, and the hotel is fully booked on the weekends, booked with a lot " higher rollers" than us, for them to say yes to us likely means saying "sorry, none available" to others, others who the hotel would get more "equity" impressing and comping to. Not to mention the hotel bean counters who sob at the loss of the 150 bux they could rent it for ( accountants arent big believers in comps )

Anyway, whether in boy or girl mode, be sure to put on your personal itinerarys "time by the pool" Thursday and Saturday afternoon

One other piece of biz...while it's me that has been asking, and sometimes cajoling, for the deals and perks etc. it's our hotel liason, Jaylene, that goes to the mat for us. She's stuck between a rock and a hard place, me pulling on one side and her bosses, intent on holding the line, on the other. She's also pregnant and due in June.
Gina and I bought her and the new baby Viva t-shirts, but we want to send her a big bouquet of roses also, in appreciation of all she's done for us and in celebration of the birth of her first child. So we'll put something like that together once were there and if anyone can kick in 5 bux, please do.

Kay says...
This all sounds fah-bulous, Nikki. Thanks so much for doing the negotiation. I will be more than happy to contribute to Jaylene's gift. I was once a midwife, so there is a special place in my heart for expectant mothers!


Gina says...
OK y'all,

So what this basically means that we are going to BLOW IT OUT, VIP style on Friday night and then stagger down for MORE VIP "rehab" at the VWS cabana. From what little I recall from last year, the cabana's have tables, chairs, TV's & refrigerators. They aren't huge so beware of that, but whether you are in bikini's or board shorts, find your way down to the Trop pool. It's really beautifully maintained and they literally serve drinks in cups that are like the size of footballs!

So come get your tan on!!!!

Glenda says...
Hi all, love the camming idea. A couple of girls in the alt Gender Exchange chat room have asked me if we going to pop into the chat room and do a live cam from Las Vegas segment! I'll make sure I bring some blank discs for the pics too. xoxoxo, Glenda

Gina says...

Thanx to Divinyl, we we're able to do some really great gen-ex room camming from Lingerie Nite last year, and it went over really well, from what I remember! So with her new & improved set up, I can only imagine it being even bigger and better this year! (Thanx D! ) I'd say Wednesday (Lingerie), Thursday (Fetish) and Saturday (Last Night of VWS; go crazy!) will be the best Suite party opportunities for cammin and chattin. (Friday we've got dinner and VIP Nite and will prolly be out of the hotel by 8ish.)

I'm sure there will be updates flowin like crazy from Sin City once we all land, so everyone will know when to tune in!

Tina says...
Just a quick note from zillions of miles away. I leave next Thursday as am going to England first to see Mum and will be having a pre-Wildside warm-up Sat night at the Wayout Club in London. Getting quite excited now. I am picking up the Wildside award this weekend - looks great. So see you all soon. xxTina

Nikki says...
Wow !! just watched this very kewl documentary on Vegas in the 60's and 70's.
I never knew that the Scorsese/DeNiro/Peschi movie, Casino, was actually based on real events !!!
In the 60's the Stardust was the Mafia's flagship, and it was run by a guy named Frank Rosenthal ( DeiNiro's character Sam Rothstien), the feds had been cracking down major on mob activities and , just like in the movie, when they were able to successfully block Rosenthal from having his gaming licence renewed, he installed himself as the entertainment director of the Stardust ( Tangiers in the movie) and continued running the hotel. He even hosted a nite time sports/talk tv show , just like DeNiros character. Those are just two examples of how closely the movie followed the real life character.
Joe Peschi's character, Nicky Santoro, was in real life Tony Spilotro, a mobster brought in from Chicago to run the Mafia's Vegas operations. He ruled with an iron fist, anyone who crossed the mob got dead ( there were more mob style murders in the first two years of Spilotro's reign, than there had been in the previous 25) He oversaw the traditional mob enterprises ( skimming, drugs) and raked in the cash. like in the movie, he got greedy and got into unconventional mob areas, like allowing mega buck burglerys for a cut of the loot.
Police/Fed task force eventually broke the burgerly ring and pressure cracked a few of the key players to testify against Spilotro. Two days before his trial was to begin, he and his brother disapppered. A few weeks later, in a shallow grave in Indiana, their bodies were found. They had been beaten to death with blunt instruments, likely Spilotro had been forced to watch the beating death of his younger brother before being beaten to death himself.
(I cant remember, was that in the movie?)

The Mob's Vegas criminal structure had been crumbling for a year or two, Spilotro indictment ahd been the final straw. the Mob knew that it was time to move on and began divesting themselves of their Nevada interests ( or so were told )

Anyway, very interesting documentary and very interesting to see how closely Casino followed the real life occurances

Erik says...
Very interesting, Nikki. I don't think I've seen that movie. Guess that is one more to try to remember to watch!

I too like it when "based on real events" actually means the movie closely resembles what really happened, as opposed to just being some story about some people on this strange chunk of rock the locals call "earth" -- which is another word for "dirt" in their language

...and, yes, it is a fitting description!


Nikki says...
1955 & 1957

what do these two number mean ?

Nikki and Gina's birth years ?
NOT !!!!

two classic years for the Chevy Belair /
well, yeah, there is that ..... but not what we're looking for

They are our ROOM NUMBERS !!!!!!!!

Were in rooms 1955 & 1957 so it looks like the 19th floor is OURS !!!!

So when you check in , tell the clerk that there should be a note on his computer asking that you be put as close as possible to those room numbers.

Got it, everyone, we storm the 19th floor !!!!!!!!

see ya there

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PostSubject: Re: VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!   

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VWS posts from the original WildSide board @ Alt regarding the 2009 Soiree!
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