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 BIG HOLIDAY...shaken; but not stirred!!!

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BIG HOLIDAY...shaken; but not stirred!!! Empty
PostBIG HOLIDAY...shaken; but not stirred!!!

WOW, what a day! Me & KiK decided that instead of celebrating Easter, we'd celebrate the TRUE holiday of the day...the opening day of the major league baseball season!!!! cheers

We went to the park & played catch for a bit! Nothing more awesome than two hot chicks playin' catch! Wink (btw; my arm hurts!) We went to the store and got our traditional opening day dinner fixin's...Nathan's Hot Dogs, Garlic Fries, some ravioli (with Gina sauce), peanuts and an awesome bottle of Vodka mixed with Pineapple/Orange juice! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!

Well, then at 3:40pm as we we're cooking, we got shook, rattled and rolled! Even though the Baja quake was 220 miles away, it shook the hell out of us in LA! And 7.2?? Seriously?? That's beats my own personal best of 7.1 from back in '89 during Loma Prieta. KiKi's place near Koreatown swayed from side to side big time! Actually, I didn't feel it at first, but when she said, "Do you feel that?" and I saw the lights swaying, I knew it was on! I think what scared me most was the fact that I just froze up and stood there. The damn thing lasted about a minute and me & KiK just stood there; kinda staring at each other and waiting for it to end. We didn't know whether to stay or leave, which is a lil freaky & scary! It was TOTALLY an E-Ticket!! Now that's two within a month or so, and this one was a real kicker!

We persevered though and finished cooking, then went up to the roof, had a wonderful feast and watched the unfolding of a new baseball season! Sorry, KiKi about the outcome, I guess NYY won't go 162-0 this year, but it sux to lose to the Sox, so for you I say...Hey RedSox double flip .

Earthquakes & Yankee losses aside, it was a fabulous day with a bestie, and a wonderful way to celebrate this most joyous of time! So let me say to one and all...HAPPY OPENING DAY & GO GIANTS!!!!!
BIG HOLIDAY...shaken; but not stirred!!! San_Francisco_Giants_hat_and_helmet_logo

And in honor of the quake, I guess now is just as good a time as any to pull out this lil diddy....

BTW; I know I haven't posted on my McCartney experience yet, but I wanna add pix and stuff to it, so it's coming!!

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BIG HOLIDAY...shaken; but not stirred!!!

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