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 Tropicana Pool Update -- 04/03/2010

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Tropicana Pool Update -- 04/03/2010 Empty
PostSubject: Tropicana Pool Update -- 04/03/2010   Tropicana Pool Update -- 04/03/2010 EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 11:23 pm

As you may or may not know, The Trop has been going through a major renovation and unfortunately the pool areas that were such a big hit with WildSider's last year won't be available. Not to fear though, there is still a pool on the premises. This has been cause for concern for some people, so my partner in crime & our hotel mistress, the lovely Nikki Belange issued a statement the other day to hopefully ease everyone's minds...


By far the biggest headache this year has been the pool issue. As most of you know all to well, the large pool and one of the small pools will be closed during April, leaving only one small pool for the entire hotel.

Gina and I have been aware of this and have been investigating contingencies. Considering how much we enjoyed our pool time last year we weren't about to just say " oh well " and shrug our shoulders. Some of our ideas included tanning and bathing at a nearby hotel's pool. MGM has a party pool that would cost like $30 a day, the Luxor has a regular pool at $10 a day. We also looked into the option of making a day trip to the public beach at Lake Mead.

In my opinion, the best option was to get our hotel to reserve a section of the pool area for us. Our best option but prolly our least likely. Jaylene scoped out the area and found that there is a small grassy section that is close to the pool and hasn't been disturbed by the construction.

For the past few weeks we've been trying to get the management to agree to reserve that area for us exclusively.
The final word...In deference to the other guests, they wont PUBLICLY reserve the area for us, but we have their authority to "save" a reasonable number of seats, so my suggestion is this.

Every morning, we have one of our crew go out to the pool area and move half a dozen lounge chairs to our grassy area. We'll space them wide enough apart that another person could spread their towel on the grass and lie between two lounge chairs. Perhaps we'll find some cheap large beach umbrellas to give us some shade (there is a tree in the grassy area, apparently) We'll have a cooler to keep our drinks cold. Whoever puts the lounge chairs in order that morning will have to stay and "save" them until another WildSider arrives.

So, for us to pull this off, we'd need a different volunteer for every morning we want to sunbathe. I know its a pain in the ass, but its a solution that turns a major problem into a BONUS.

So, whose up for helping out one morning ?


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Tropicana Pool Update -- 04/03/2010
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