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 Awesome open letter to Keith Olbermann from an angry TS

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Awesome open letter to Keith Olbermann from an angry TS Empty
PostSubject: Awesome open letter to Keith Olbermann from an angry TS   Awesome open letter to Keith Olbermann from an angry TS EmptyWed Feb 24, 2010 9:38 pm

This is a very eloquently written to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann from an angry transsexual woman after Olbermann referred to rightwing lunatic Ann Colulter as a transsexual. It is well written, with a touch of humor, but more importantly cuts to the bone on issues we transsexuals face on a daily basis!

Dear Mr. Olbermann,

I am writing to you this late night in order to introduce a concept to you that you may or may not be familiar with.

This concept is wrongness.

In specific this concept is a wrongness that arises when someone who holds a position of some respect, at the least, takes that platform to speak ill of another person and in the process defames millions of human beings.

I’m certain that by now you’ve seen one or more of the once ubiquitous Geico Caveman commercials, where the announcer inevitably says the line “so easy a caveman can do it” and thereby angers the attendant caveman that happens to be walking by or part of the commercial.

Well, an equally ubiquitous but far more invidious and socially damaging campaign is the one whereby people take the time out of their busy days to imply, or suggest, or in some way, shape, or form make it seem as if Ann Coulter is a transsexual.

Well, Mr. Olbermann, as a transsexual, who writes a blog at www.dyssonance.com, and who writes for the top ten LGBT blog The Bilerico Project on Trans issues, and, in particular, the kinds of trans issues that typically get all academic and annoying in their peculiar mix of satire, absurdity, and really good information, I want to point out that you could not possibly have selected a better person to insult me with than Ann Coulter.

You see, even if Ann coulter is, in fact, a transsexual woman, and she has, in fact, been subjected to the kind and form of treatment that actual transsexual people receive, and even if this woman — who’s birth certificate has never been produced that I’m aware of, and who may, in fact, for all I know, be some sort of secret spy for the nation of France, or mayhaps even a sock puppet for the great joint venture known as MSNBC — is indeed one of those millions of women who, like myself, have been called men, teased about our backgrounds, asked what our “real name” is, told we are not good enough to fight and die for our country, and more…

… yes, far more, which I would be more than happy to provide you with education on…

… I wouldn’t, for one moment, want this woman or this person or this human being associated with trans folk because she is, quite literally, the worst possible person for anyone to associate any of us with. Note that I say person, not woman, not man, because that is about as far as I can go without, in turn, insulting demons, devils, and other creatures of the hellish dominions.

And I say that as a former Republican of decades of loyalty and effort.

So, while I expect that this note from someone who is, to you, ultimately, little more than a “Caveman” to your Geico, will receive the same amount of interest and compassion as those two groups give to each other, I would, strongly, deeply, and without any reservation, appreciate it if you would do me, one little trans woman from Phoenix, Arizona — one little girl, if you will grant me enough respect to understand that for this moment — a single, simple favor.

That favor is truly not too much.

I am not going to ask that you apologize to the millions of us out there, as I’m sure some will. And I understand the way what that human being says feels and makes you think, for I am also human and subject to all the ills and habitual weaknesses of us all.

It is, simply, this: that you never again, ever, not once, in your entire life, think, even for a tenth of a second, that it is ok, in any way, in any shape, in any form, to say something that uses, or permit to be said something that uses, transsexuals and their lives, as some sort of insult or comic mockery of another person, ever again, on your show or in your life.

I realize that to people who are not transsexual — cissexual people, as they are called in academia — the temptation, given just how badly we are treated and just how much paternal pity is heaped on us as a result of the that idea, to do so can be, but, truly, we are not merely tired of it, not simply fed up with it, not generally upset about it.

We are enraged about it, Mr. Obermann. All the more because it comes from you, even in jest, or, more accurately, *because* it comes in jest, at our expense, not hers, as it merely furthers the same things we have to fight against day in and day out.

Besides, most of us would rather have you talk positively about us than Barbara Walters doing another weepfest that features yet another makeup session.


Me personally, I think I'd rather be called a "dude" than an Ann Coulter!! affraid

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Awesome open letter to Keith Olbermann from an angry TS
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